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Com Games are beginning to get canceled in the NBA due to the Corona virus and the Phoenix Suns. Maybe never next, head coach Monty Williams says. The league is doing everything they can to keep the players safe, however, are getting it around the league. It does make you think, especially when you have a family and I'm responsible for a lot of people. If I ever felt like I was gonna put them in harm's way, I gotta go stay somewhere else for a few days, if not a few weeks, just to keep my family's last night, the sons played the Washington Wizards, who have now canceled today's practice due to covert 19 concerns for the latest on coronavirus in Arizona had to Katya er dot com slash coronavirus. Katya our eyes on the economy. Arizona is expected to be one of the states that leads the way out of the recession. The head of the Arizona Chambers says it will take widespread vaccinations. To get the job done. Katya ERS Jim Crosses live in Phoenix. Jeff Chamber president Gonna, Hammer says we could see full economic recovery and job recovery by summer with vaccinations, and he's glad the governor addressed liability protections for business is following the rules to protect against frivolous lawsuits. We're not talking about protecting those who are maliciously negligent. Talking about those who are playing by the health care rules. No Arizona still down about 90,000 jobs for more than 300,000 lost during the pandemic. Earlier live in Phoenix. Jump cross Katie Our news time for an update on traffic. We head live to the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center and check in with Monica Read. Right now on our valley freeways, things that good the sixties clear, no problems. There is trouble free 51 also up to speed. And so as I 17 off the freeways, Couple of things have got an ax in southern west of 35th Avenue and now in Moon Valley, and you crashed there says Seventh Street and Greenway Parkway could go with Cave Creek Road or use Thunderbird. This support is sponsored by Blue Sky Pest Control. Blue sky Pest Control a rosy on the house certified partner and a trusted choice of pest control. Solutions Valley Wide, Better Technicians Better service Blue Sky Pest Control high moniker Read Katie Our news Mostly sunny skies today with a high of 65 Tonight Clear the low 40 right now in Phoenix. Sunny skies 52 degrees. Weather is brought to you. By Howard Air. Whether replace a repair call Howard Air I'm Jeff Mon on Arizona's news Station. K T A.

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