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The trump campaign will join also congresswoman Elista phonic she's gonna be here and Dr Marc Siegel fox news medical correspondent almost all of the discussion is going to be on coronavirus for obvious reasons we begin the program today with a fox news alert so much happening the down now down well over two thousand points again on all sorts of news including the fact that sports basically is going dark at this point the NBA season postpone suspended NHL as well Major League Baseball suspending operations baseball operations at least I think the incident I NC double a tournament basketball gonna cancel because they announce that they were gonna do it with no fans so players only but now that you have some athletes testing positive including a soccer player in Europe a couple NBA players already on the Utah Jazz one of whom by the way was treating her advice like a big joke just a few days ago at a press conference he thought it was hilarious that the reporters were standing far away for him and then he touched all of their equipment well guess what he has grown a virus so I think the NC double a is looking at that a lot of these conference tournaments have been canceled Duke University has pulled out of the NC double a turnover they're saying we're not going to compete in March madness if it happens if Duke is out this thing isn't gonna happen Broadway going dark the theater district here in New York four to six weeks they're gonna go without performances that is a significant development here in New York City and you're seeing state after state barring at gatherings of certain numbers of people although weirdly I saw California did a carve out for Disneyland saying well it's not really an event it's more of an attraction that seems crazy to me so just so much happening on this front what I wanted you to open there's a few different things here and we have limited time it's silly to say when you're three hours ahead but there is so much to get in I have a piece today at town hall dot com that I am urging you strongly to go read I don't often do this I mention my work I am asking you to please go read at my town hall PCA the headline is important how corona virus is about to get much worse in the U. S. and why you still shouldn't panic and I will just summarize it this way based on a lot of the reading that I've been doing I spoke with a few officials yesterday last night there's a lag time between one people contract corona virus and when they start getting symptoms and when eventually they are diagnosed it's a lag time of let's say ten days to two weeks so the numbers of confirmed cases that we currently see on our TV screens in our newspapers on social media those numbers are going to go up and they're going to go up exponentially in the coming days and weeks even if we get this thing under control and some of the dramatic social distancing the policies that are finally starting being implemented if that turns the tide we're not going to know that the tide has turned for a few extra weeks because of that lag time that I'm talking about the last time the problem here is there are thousands of people around the country who have a corona virus who don't know what and have had it for a while and they've been infecting other people because this is highly highly contagious there is one study a preliminary study that suggested I alluded to this yesterday on the show that the virus can exist in particles in the air for hours at a time and it can survive on surfaces like doorknobs and elevator buttons and counter tops four days at a time it is highly contagious and you don't know that you've got it for a period of days you're walking around living your life you might have it you might be interacting with people who have it you have no idea so these numbers are gonna go way up that does not change the fact that I'm going to underscore this all day the fact that this is for ninety nine percent of people not a fatal event in fact for the vast majority of people who get corona virus it will be like mild Sniffles a slight cold a slight flu type symptoms situation that's at tens of thousands of people around the globe have already gotten coronavirus and recovered from it okay the concern is for people who have underlying health conditions and who are old especially seventy or even eighty plus that's the danger zone as time referring to it and even then the death rates are scary ten to fifteen percent but still the overwhelming majority of those people will survive so it is important to take this very seriously it is important to implement serious social distancing right of Broadway shutting down in sports are closing up in a lot of businesses doing telecommuting I think schools are next universities we've already seen at this is going to create when I've been saying there's gonna be a disruption in your life I need to and I think the NBA announcement was a whoa moment for a lot of people I think I will talk about this later Tom Hanks contracting coronavirus he's to be fine he does he's not that sick but he's got it that's a wall moment for a lot of people now and again please my piece of town hall dot com how coronavirus is about to get much worse in the U. S. and why you still shouldn't panic and I run through a lot of the numbers I link to some pieces that you need to read so you understand what's happening can you can look at the grass you can look at the trajectories you can understand what's coming and why some of these dramatic measures are going to have to happen as for the president last night we brought you the breaking news on the air yesterday that the present was gonna give an oval office address I was on special report on the panel with Bret Baier last night top of the show we did an early panel discussion talking about this and I made this point listen to this clip this is special report last night cut forty six and that's why it's such a big moment.

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