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I five in a thirty minute right down to the Davis on westbound eighty and again heavy traffic coming this way to the causeway on eastbound eighty traffic on the tense every ten minutes mornings and afternoons data has news ninety three point one KVK Saudi the runs the centurion very warm live AT sixty ninety clear tonight overnight low of fifty one to fifty five twenty two mark on his warm sunny vise seventy six to eighty and gusty winds can lead to enhance fire threat I'm back the weather's Bob Larson news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. it's eighty five degrees in Stockton sixty one in Truckee and eighty three in Sacramento and news ninety three point one K. if we Pacific gas and electric says it will cut power to more than a hundred thousand customers across northern California starting tonight it's said to be the largest planned outage in the utilities history the utility says power will start going out just after midnight tonight power could be shut off in parts of thirty four counties in central and northern California starting Wednesday and through Thursday when hot weather and strong winds are in the forecast red flag fire warnings are up all over northern California P. Jeannie said Monday the blackouts would affect portions of the Central Valley the foot hills in the northern Sierra much of the North Bay the Santa Cruz mountains on the central coast are also preparing for outages the utility says customer should be prepared to be without electricity for several days John per night the news ninety three point one KFBK UC Davis hospitals are making preparations to insure outpatients affected by the planned power outages have the resources they need to stay healthy if the case Joe Michaels joins us live in studio with more Joe Mike officials.

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