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A musical over uh i'd say yes uh is the very short answer that's terrific well listen elizabeth will pro uh musician featured on the grammynominated album big ben killing thanks so much for joining us and thanks so much for singing your voices beautiful thank you for having me ted olson music historian professor of appalachian studies at east tennessee state university he's the producer of the grammynominated album big ben killing the appalachian valid tradition ted thanks for being with us to pleasure thank you john you can continue the conversation and get the on point podcasts at our website on point radio dot org and you can follow us on twitter and find us on facebook at on point radio i'm going to go out with the parting glass by rosie and cash it's an old world song of departure from the album big ben killing john harwood in this is on dang to stay but sanders said is should rise and you should nuns i june to leave iran sends saw fleeing good knives and and i am b u you good night and john j b u s u on point is a production of w b you are boston and n p r.

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