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It prevents blood pressure. Blood vessel calcification. It improves perfusion so can counteract development of plaque in fact I just saw Dr Oz on TV and they gave them big report now says that they proven now that Quote nutrition and Diet are equal or superior to cardiac bypass her stance. Well I'm completely against bypass instead. If I do high-speed cat scan Hannity Calcified arteries and I see cardio. Light scanner treadmill stress testing. You've got blocked arteries. I don't want to rush in and give you a standard I wanna give you nutraceutical starter. Ones CARDIOVASC- we have anti-inflammatory fatty acids Omega supreme quote. Cook premanent end and Oxen's a single oxygen hydroxy nitro proxy radical. They will go over that in a minute. But the formula by itself will prevent calcification lower blood viscosity acidy stop oxidative damage the home assisting so does basically all the major categories and many people and we have so many people happy with it that they just say that. I just take the CARDIOVASC- but I told him don't WanNa add magnesium magnesium place nate. You wanted cookie ten coca jen supreme. You Wanna add or antioxidants like cell. Detox talks clueless. I own right Ultra Simond one for sickle oxygen radical and Gammy plus took a train all. And so the kind you want to take take self-defensive plus which is our cooling products seven hundred percent more absorbed many other coding in the world. So the thing is we do that yet. Things lower blood viscosity tree which is viscous. His blood The current event starts the whole process. Yeah Nakada is all set. You can test it with a lab test and Tukwila Washington with a dual laser for scholar. I work with Herbert Cardiologists back. Twenty years ago plus more than now and lasers commoner west of Harvard In my office in Denver Right now the only place that could do it in the world is actually Meridian Valley labs and Tukwila. So people don't understand that And I challenge doctors in so-called public. Nobody thinks they know more than darker. Diogo these topics I go further in testing and science-based investigations and any specialists in any area of anywhere on the planet. That's arrogant know. It's fact and I can prove it by telling test that you can do at your local hospital that you can do. Advanced Federally Certified Labs Jobs Overseas Labs right here. In America over fifty laps needs are not opened opinion. They're not like well. That's your opinion deal. Notice not these tests that I can do on you to tell me if you've got elevated homocysteine you've got high blood viscosity treat enlisted Salkin diastolic if you've got pro inflammatory. FATTY ACIDS UNLIT ELECTRA freezes. which a lot more accurate than spectroscopy spectroscopy? The LABCORP INQUESTS USES so. Let's go through the seven center. Just two groups. The first one is via Texan like the Jocson makes your heart and blood vessels contract to push the blood to your for free and it's not just your heart. You know the research five years ago and you know Where they said well heart pumps all the blood? Ride your bike. Doesn't it plumps for blood to the blood vessels and blood vessels pumped blood two-thirds to three-quarters of the pumping this your arteries and all the blood flow bat you heard as your blood vessels there's nobler heart activity at all. It only pumps it out to the lung fields and out to the main arteries. That's it the hard just primary pump. Not not the complete bump for everything and people need to understand your arteries healthy. It'd be plastic and contract. I'll need have very energetic and low blood visconti and if they don't you're going to get calcified arteries these are gonna be useless than your heart pumping against functional resistance. Your blood pressure's GonNa go orbital you're gonNA have a stroke heart attack or heart failure. I mean this is not by surprise. It's a surprise because of the doctors making fortunes from the crop healthcare system. They WanNa do bypasses and stint. I talked to a senior resident backing some. She's almost forty years ago and Cornell. University New York is actually where they discovered and developed by pass procedure in the senior residents and cardiovascular. Surgery said you know what we invented had this new procedure. We figure it's worth three hundred boxes back in the sixties so they put it into this into their special directorate that have at the university wealth. Let's see if we can have some Zeros. WE'RE GONNA make thirty thousand guess. What when they got the number back that they accepted three thousand three hundred? They partied for two weeks leaks. You gotta understand what's really going on here and it's a very bad b movie isn't it. Have you talked to doctors that. Do you think no. Your doctor knows functional pathology algae which means how the body works. You'll be shocked and amazed. I've talked to cardiologists. It says what I talked about his Voodoo I said no I want ready. All had a PhD in insect genetics and let's talk about non newtonian fluid dynamics and other things. I I lost him. I could see his. Both eyeballs almost rotating in opposite directions. He realized like Daego. Please shut up. And then I didn't shut up and I said you know what I'm asking you questions. I'm going to teach US stuff. You obviously. Don't no yes. You're doing cardiac procedures. Yes you're handling people in hospital. Yes referring to bypass issue doing cardio lights scans. That's all well Eh. You're not solving the problem. Why this person's in front of you in heart failure or got a bunch of blocked arteries now they don't WanNa problems over like eagle eye me a problem child okay and I can shoot over four hundred health conditions other doctors find difficult now? Because you're just arrogant deal if you disagree with let me have the intellectual Mahoney's male or female to call into the show live and disagree or after hours of you're not that brave and see if you think you know more. Your doctor knows more than me. They don't and the reason is I don't believe just making my opinion. I want you to know that there's tests Dick Improve. The what I'm saying is true. And if you're not getting enrich supplements and by the way ahead some people this week in one just get the pulse. Magnetic if you're not taking cardiovasc- fatty acids and things to remain allies your body and anti-inflammatory fatty acids. Why did he do you think pulse magnetic there's been a hell you by itself is not so I want people understand that you need things like cardiovasc- The associated nutraceutical so let's go through tax? We have H garlic which kills the NCO tension converting enzyme and Lower C reactive protein. And the third one is which releases nitric oxide. You have free gas system if you don't take the product right if you don't take supernarks or some people have something else but are super knocks will make your body nitric oxides if you don't have nitric oxide. Your oxygen mclovin molecule cannot reduction to your tissue Virginia important. And what's next one. After that is it Gingko bilberry bilberry is going to be an antioxidant the larger than hydrogen which we also have college duplex but dialyzers Reverie Oregon so it gets shooter free radicals which are the devil in your circulatory system. If you got free radicals you're gonNA oxidized cholesterol and fatty acids and you're going to have dead macrophages in Latin macaroni. Means Bee eater. Sell you. Kill your big eater cells. You'RE GONNA get problems it's GONNA turn to. Its foam cell. Foam cell secretes able. I can't wanted onto precipitate platelets and firemen and you got a plaque building up like Turkey back in Haiti Next is Kinko's Galore blood g now the only component that you move from the Canadian for him because Socialist mini-state candidate doesn't want you to take the he wouldn't stop to days before dental or surgical WPRO procedures. I tell people you know. This is an example of the one of the downsides of socialized medicine. If you've got something really serious in Canada my colleagues or functional alternative. Medicine medicine persecuted all the time. In Canada I remember when I was in Alberta and the registered like even talking to chiropractors or natural passer driven. PhD scientists like legal. You're talking to other health professionals to get You gotta be kidding. And they weren't kidding. Actually they're rated this this phone me for talking to these other people and I was working with a PhD chromatography and diagnosing pain and the causes of disease. So institutional stupidity I call it. What are you listening to that? I have a Lotta kind is now also legal. Experts can sue the heck out of anybody anywhere and I'm finding finding this next year. A bunch of pro se litigant actions on a number of fronts which Illinois out but when people understand. If you're trusting your doctor you have a death wish you do now. They might be a nice person go golfing or have dinner with or even marry your daughter or son but you gotta understand that. Most doctors know very little functional pathology which is integrated medicine don't know intermediate metabolism toxicology styles passage of quantum biophysics. They you don't know any of it. And they don't even know regular pathology. I mean we consider regular pathologist the smartest people but all our patients are dead under slide under a microscope. Because that's true home. Isn't that weird and try to shove smart doctors or medical you should be up with Allah just too smart for medical school. Yeah but all. My future patients are dead or under a slight pretty funny now integrated medicine which didn't exist. When I started almost fifty years ago didn't exist but it does now and I'm one of the primary professors worldwide teaching it to the Academy of anti-aging Environmental Advancement? Ms and I have a lot of technology including my genetic the frequency gene activation and my red velvet. Knock him aisin that no one else on earth has but you gotTa have right supplements you gotta turn off his CARDIOVASC- you have to add you. Make US supreme pro. Maybe you want the COQ ten supreme and Co Q.. Ten Supreme UBIQUONOL. You want to be taking hitting basket care carnitine sparked Contract we want to the oxidants. Like H two savage in ultrasound sell detox good assigned and Selenium Christopher eight and gave me a plus. And if you don't you'RE GONNA get heart disease and if you have hard is he's it'll regrets I've had people live had two arteries regressing even grow new arteries with our peptides APD is for referring arteries as well as genetic frequencies therapy especially extra carpio counterpole station harpies. He'll say you can't do that the I can't do that. My doctor doesn't know your doctor is a physical danger to your future. Life Dr Diggle. That doesn't sound very nice as so. Why do you think Dr Deals Nice? I'll die for you but I'm not GonNa lie for you do you like that. I'll die for you. Oh well and if you hate my guts now you'll hope to God. I could save you your relatives from Future Stupidity because believe me there's no there's an ocean of stupidity out there and a medical confessional profiting from it. They don't WanNa dance medicine you know. And they're tied to the global government can push trans humanism. They don't want you live four or five or ten years longer and heavier. IQ or go back into sports after forty years out of retirement and become a hockey player or football player and your nineties or one hundred tend and they don't want that. How dare you? You'll be too good a player if you get your physical capacity back and you're no longer a physical cripple right or an intellectual actual cripple people don't know this is what by the way the future the future is what I call the. The welder lead. You like that term the elderly. Clearly there are ninety hundred ten year old hundred twenty year old doing long-range running You know playing football Golfing thing and beating everybody else. Twenty fifty years younger than them. That's going to happen. The Century people are ready for it are they. It is a movie that was called Cocoon and talked about a place where they went from. The older people started getting younger younger younger. Guess what I have a lot of that technology now and between me and my colleagues were closing the the the block and by the way good part of that something like Arne vast. You're not improving perfusion. Chris Life as Alice. You really missing the bulk. You can't I'm just going to slap a magnet on your image I or Salvino Matt. Thank all solvents. You're GONNA get better. You're not you're not you're you're only partway there. If you start doing trying to prove the magnetic field around your body you gotta get the right supplements to interesting. Hey Yep and let's go through last year supplements that we we have The detox and we have Valeria and actually balanced the system soon. No longer in sympathetic overdrive which is stress hormones and free radicals so the format is very nicely balanced. When Your Dad decided us it was pretty clever and of course as he's venture before? And you mentioned your bowls diabetics if you haven't taken this. I'm sure you would already developed complications. Right yeah exactly actually just visited my endocrinologist the other day and firing on all cylinders breakouts right right which means you're not getting it but it's not developed blocked arteries. You're not becoming by the way you may or may not know those people but Dr Deals one discovered over thirty years ago. Dementia is diabetes of.

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