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What for beating them by four goals to one? They are out. Of course, we'll see matches tomorrow Chelsea take Brian ecologist Spurs Crystal Palace. Drama in Spain's finished via Riyan four boss alone. A full eight points after let's see one against the Girona, but it was extrordinary match out. Awesome. Tune in their absolutely cruising. Very Alvin came back to lead by full goals. Too. Messy off the bench goes freak Aikman Swire's pretty much the loss of the game to make it for four. Now is all lanes from this game about how importantly now messy is football Celona. Oh, how softballs look at the when that pushed? You too. And you try for. Figure woman the bomb lane is is that. The chances are the gonna lose more games. If they keep defend the not way, you kind of messy to come on and change again. So many times time after time every time he steps on the field. So let's you huge problem. Newsflash messy is important. The bench. What more of not when he's not in the band. She's getting them. Yeah. Getting them off in the front for anyway. And then they can go into cruise control. But when he's come off the end. The. Dom good what she ended. The there's a reason why we've all got boss Alona. I think we'll boss alone as favorites to win the championship league. Because of Lino Massi. Meanwhile action in eighth elite today events winning by two goals to now away against Cowdery. But this wasn't a big talking points throughout the game from some sections of the fans movies Cam was racially abused. He then school at the second. Go sit in front of the crowd to celebrate and call some reaction and some questionable question but Nuccio afterwards saying well can those he schools go we have to focus on celebrating teammates. He knows he could have done something differently to they were racist chairs off cold place her there, and was angered I think the blame is fifty fifty because my shouldn't have done that. And the curve should not have reacted that way. We up professionals. We have to set the example and not provoke. Anyone can give them all of the show. Again, these from the outside looking in seeing some misguided from Banou Cina. Misguided if not outright shocking. I mean, that's his teammate. Incidentally that he's talking about. There can only assume that that Baluchi didn't realize that motion can fell he was racially abused before the goal and that the the the celebration, which by the way, simply involved him standing there staring down the crowd with his arms out for for maybe ten seconds. That was a response to that. But even if it hadn't been respond to that, it seems pretty obvious to most same people that. If you feel provoked by player on the other team, there's one hundred one ways that you can you can express your anger. You can express your insults. But there are certain lines that you do not cross and you do not racially abuse. And your solution to this isn't to go out and say, well, you know, but he started it by by celebrating in that way. It's it's it's so frankly, unconscionable Bucci would come out and say that I would hope that he takes the opportunity to next the next day to to come out and and retract that. Or maybe even listen to his manager max legally who said there's no ifs, ands, or buts, when this happens, you find the people responsible, you drag them out, and you make sure that they never enter football ground over again and get ready to double down with that. Because then the president Tomaso Geneen would take it a step further. And this is embarrassing to be honest, if then a desk celebrate like that he would have been treated exactly the same way by fans..

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