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There are there are ways there are many ways to impact the game some things show up on the stat line some things do not worth sammy watkins has been able to do for this team and i think coach mcveigh talked about him was helped lift the coverage to make things would be easier for for for inland now name circle so he's impacting the game he may not be giving the catches he said he's not giving the number of charges are would like but semi watkins is impacting the game in this helping the team offensively with that being said yanni's would amenabar got him when all around stofile hard and w the tournament amenabar he fares he catches in until you throw it to riady de him the ball art fair enough diminishing noodle seek gonna seacot new now seeing onto you a see sam donald in linebacker cameron smith were named semifinal low and butkus awards respectively kee you feel in any of those guys immunised kuhn sam got the iranian get nibley cameras smith i'll deke should've i don't think you should have been named the final four the linebacker yeah i don't then you know these net not fatigued at consumer to know the best player only defense is a lucent yet at this jazz yeah the best player on their defenses who suge anybody that knowles football and those linebacker will sit there entail you that he is the best player in the defense now the utah child who is is talked about a little early in the season this i really but that's esi humming less will we do so.

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