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High near 70. Sunday's high in your 60 I'm meteorologist Brad Martin from the W B A P Weather Center right now Fair and 38 degrees news brought to you by classic Chevrolet and top fitness store after a failed challenge by Republicans on the constitutionality of the Senate's second impeachment trial for former President Trump, the process is moving forward. Correspondent Dared Helper senators have been sworn in to serve for a second time is jurors and an impeachment trial for former President Trump. You're doing personal justice, according to the Constitution laws. The impeachment trial faced its first challenge Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, raising a point of order, arguing the trial is unconstitutional. Since Trump is now out of office as of noon last Wednesday, Donald Trump holds none of the positions. Listed in the Constitution. He's a private citizen. Arguments are set to begin in two weeks. The charges incitement of insurrections stemming from the deadly riot. The U. S Capitol, January 6th by people died, including a U. S. Capitol police officer PCU Faculty Senate is calling for the removal of Congressman Roger Williams from the university's board of trustees related to his objection to the electoral college votes in the 2020 presidential election. They say the call is based on his conduct that could bring ridicule to the university. The congressman calls the resolution full of you have a school that its faculty will not accept or allow. Difference of opinion. That's pretty scary. I mean, you really begin. If they don't allow difference of opinion, what do they teach in our kids? The issue would ultimately have to be taken up by the board. A federal judge has temporarily barred the Biden administration from enforcing a 100 Day moratorium on deportation. U. S District Judge threw Tipton on Tuesday issued a temporary restraining order sought by Texas, which suit on Friday against the Department of Homeland Security Memo that instructed immigration agencies to pas most deportations. The previous Adminis Thracian had quietly.

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