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And it talks about the case of Sherry Johnson who was ten years old repeatedly raped by a deacon in the church parishioner eleven she gets pregnant. In Child Welfare was going to conduct an investigation and. The church and the parents get together and they marry her off to the twenty year old rapist, and so the title was eleven pregnant and married to Harare's. and. So that's my first introduction to the fact that child marriage was legal in the US Senate was legal back then in forty eight states. Right, now, it's legal in forty six states the first state to ban. It was dilawar in May of two, thousand, eighteen followed by New Jersey in June two, thousand eighteen. then. A Pennsylvania in May twenty, twenty this year during covert. And Minnesota. Also. May Twenty twenty. So these are the only four states that ban child marriage under eighteen with no exception. And usually children are married because of parental consent. And, we hear from survivors and the. General theme is that both that the parents failed them and the system failed them because the parents should be the ones who protect them from harm not that ones who put them in a harmful situation. And most of the Times is to let their rapists in their cases, statutory rape, which is crime get get odds of jail free card basically by marrying the victim and so. I've added child marriage to our goals. It was initially human trafficking and you know with covid. Nineteen. Human trafficking has. There has been a huge optic at least in the US in Kohl's to the national hotline during covid nineteen, forty percent nationally and thirty percent in San Diego, which is just south from where I live. So that's that's what I'm trying to do is. Protect. Basically, a women goes and that's our mission because the mission statement of Global Home Three six five is that we're dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls locally and nationally by advocating for their safety through raising awareness education..

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