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They float up the base of lizards tree and began to eat and eat and eat, hey, lizard called cut that out. What are you doing? The termites eight and eight. And soon the tree began to grown and crackle the termites eating away the worst of its trunk until it bursts under its own weight with sharp correc-. The tree fell into the river taking lizard and the lucky drum with it. Python struck out without lightning speed that all snakes have quick as. Blinking. He had wrapped his tail around his drum and pulled it back to shore help. I can't swim python looked into the river, and there was lizard. Splashing miserably in the current. If no one helped lizard would soon be washed downstream and pulled under the swiftly flowing water, python, hesitated a second. He hadn't known lizard, couldn't swim. He was still mad about her trying to steal his drum, but he couldn't just let her be washed away. Hold on python struck out again, this time wrapping himself around lizard and trying to pull her to shore. Unfortunately, lizard was heavier than the drum and python had trouble for a moment. It seems that they would both be pulled under the swiftly flowing river hole. Pythons drag and wrapped the other end of his body around a thick trunk and then pulled with all his might lizard. Let out a little squeak as she was squeezed in python coils, but eventually she was dragged onto shore. She laid there with python for a moment. Both of them panting and breathless. Thanks for saving me lizard said when she got her breath back. I'm sorry. I lied and tried to steal your drum. It's so k. python said laughing a little sorry about your eyes. You see when python had pulled lizard to shore, the squeezing was so tight. It had made lizards is bull out. That's why today still many lizards have big bull. Jing is they're all related to the lizard who tried to steal the lucky drum. It's also why today still snakes are very distrustful. They watch anyone who. Coaches very, very carefully and they never lend out there things, especially not their drums and especially not to lizards the end. Today's story, the lucky drum was an adaptation of a Ugandan folk tale written for you by Daniel Hynes and perform for you by Kelsey Leigh. If you would like to support stories podcast and receive a thank you and a future episode, please visit patriarch dot com slash stories and make a pledge then sent an Email to Amanda at stories podcast dot com, and let us know who to thank thanks for listening..

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