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The NASDAQ is down forty-one. I'm Marie Osborne. WJR news. Our next update is coming up at ten thirty or whenever news breaks. The Frank Beckmann show. News talk seven sixty WJR. Hemery earlier we talked about that Zion. Williamson injury, Donna Duke. The maybe the best player in the country is shoe blew out bottom of the shooter's came apart. And he hurt his knee. Dick's sporting goods has been sending out Email blasts. Chris got one my son John got one. And they're telling me about it for from Dick's. That Nike apparel is forty percent off today, dick sporting goods. How's that? Wow. See how the markets can react to. Something totally not linked to anything businesslike interesting. And my daughter's father in law. Gary Kuhn said by the way, we were talking about kids. And right. He said don't forget about PF fliers flyers converse. All stars. Yes. Yes. Although converse is making a big comeback. That's kind of a cool shoe to have the days exporting is forty percent off of Nike products. Wow. You heard it here. First for free. The Frank Beckmann show. News talk seven sixty WJR. Well, I don't want this to get lost in all the big news about.

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