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In Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin today, and tonight, more than 93 million people have already voted in the election. Voters who have cast ballots are those going to the polls tomorrow admit to being anxious about how the winners and Maurren importantly, the losers may react. Diane Kuo is in Burien. Washington. I'm anxious. Honestly, I feel like regardless which outcome happens. I feel like there will be a lot of And arrest the president and his campaign a signal they may go to court to stop Pennsylvania from counting mailed ballots and arrive in the three days after the election. He's noted that once the polls closed tomorrow, quote we're going in with our lawyers. A three day extension was ordered by Pennsylvania's top court rather than state legislature. The US Supreme Court refused to block it, but several conservative justices have indicated they could revisit the issue after the election. In early afternoon trading. The Dow is up less than 1% 227 points S and P 500 has gained a modest 14 points while the NASDAQ is down less than a percent, dropping 78 points. This is AP News President Trump tells supporters in Florida he is thinking about trying to fire Dr Anthony Fauci. AP Sakuma Gani has this over the weekend vouch, he told The Washington Post. The nation will have to deal with the whole lot of hurt as it faces the biggest corona virus outbreak since the spring, he says Joe Biden is taking the pandemic seriously from a public health perspective. The president's frustrated the pandemic. Still a headline returning in his cove It covered covered covered at a rally yesterday in Florida supporters calling on the president to can the nation's top infectious disease expert. The president has said he was worried about the political blowback of firing Fauci before the election. Now don't tell anybody but let me wait till a little bit after the hurricane ETA has developed into a major storm top wins 120 MPH as it bears down on Central America. I'm to McGuire AP News Thank you for listening to the AP Radio Network for News on the go Try the AP Mobile APP get breaking US International news from the world's most trusted.

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