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Listening to the o'reilly update here's is happening across our nation the first aggression Republicans signs on to a potential assault weapons ban congresswoman to leave urging lawmakers to punish Israel after her travel restrictions the Attorney General fires the prison director following Jeffrey S. dean's death Elizabeth Warren apologizing to native Americans for claiming Indian ancestry and presidential candidate I'm Marianne Williamson has some interesting ideas on redecorating the old full office also coming up my message of the day why is airline travel so bad but first congressman Peter king becoming the first Republican to publicly support an assault weapons ban calling a high powered firearms quote weapons of slaughter not needed in everyday society unquote king is sponsoring a separate bill that expands gun background checks legislation supported by just a handful of other Republicans comes home and it to leave urging members of the house to punish Israel after that country cancelled her tour of the west bank saying lawmakers here should examine the three billion dollar aid package the USA gives our Middle East ally turned general bar replacing the director of the U. S. prisons beer all following the death of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein inside his Manhattan jail cell doctor Kathleen hawks Sawyer said to take over the federal agency outgoing director humor her which appointed by Jeff sessions in two thousand eighteen will be re assigned who's with Warren apologizing for her Indian controversy this senator speaking at the native American presidential form admitting she had made mistakes in claiming she was part Cherokee why change her ancestry from white to native American during her time at the university of Pennsylvania law school in the early nineteen nineties thereby giving her minority status in the hiring cycle democratic presidential hopeful and self help author Marianne Williamson offering some interesting ideas on redecorating the oval office Williams in telling supporters she will remove the portrait of president Andrew Jackson the country needs to atone for Jackson's handling of native Americans in the eighteen thirty there is no truth to the rumor that ms Williams and would replace Jackson.

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