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Tide again. Yeah. Very good. All right. Well, here's the last one. Okay. Rising young young star Reese Witherspoon walk the moon rising young star Reese Witherspoon played melody Smoot cruel intentions, smell any smarter karma sweet home, Alabama. I would get it in one of the smoother. All right. So that's it. That's all. Two four forty two. The first one. I guess the name of the movie that is called jeopardy. So I'd like to see you argue with what's his name travek, Alex trebek's, John that well, but I gave him the clues that got him to the thing too badly. It's like spinning the wheel on wheel of fortune and you fill in everything. But then you spin it for the last consonant and you get confident and you get bankrupt. And then the next person gets, you know, free-spending wins at all. Yeah. That game. That's I didn't tell you guys this. But I was in my Hello. Dolly research when the movie was made with Barbra, Streisand and Walter Matthau, they fought bitterly during the filming he'll disliked, Barbara. He was so much older that he refused to be around her unless the script required. It. He is famously quoted as telling Barbara Trason that he had that she had no more talent than a butterflies fart. That's a great. And those are some cold. And and so here's the turnabout. So that was probably made it what in the eighties funny movie before that for that. It was seven. Okay. So in hundred eighty six when Barbara came out with her concert series? He was in attendance at the Barbara's one voice concert or Malibu, ranch invitation, only guess pay two thousand dollars per couple for Barbra Streisand fund. He was there. He didn't hold grudges. Sixty nine. Long ago. She was good always looking compare.

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