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And that's not what they're here for, because they won't then win races or get them podiums. So yeah, they're obviously going to be pushing other areas where they can get solutions, whether it's to solve their purpose you or rather bring it the level playing field a bit closer through different means. But to come back to the general situation, they're still largely where they were before. It does seem that when they're at smooth attracts or just track by track, it is incredibly variable. Yeah, like for example, that Spanish Grand Prix, it looked almost solved. There were very optimistic in that, and then you get through Monaco and Baku street circuits, different time X different setups and everything. And it suddenly is worse, it's ever been. So yeah, it will swing from race to race until they basically get on top of it. And whether that even comes down to car concept in terms of it has been this talk of do they give up on this concept, it's probably too early to say, but yeah, if they can't solve it, then at some point, they may just have to give up on it, but we're a long way from knowing that answer yet, but we're still in this bit of looking for vicks. They're looking for a fix, but like we mentioned about Ferrari, we've suddenly got 5, 6 races coming up in about 6 or 7 weeks. So if they don't have an answer soon, there's going to be a lot more bouncing around and painful backs. And yet George Russell, he didn't look as affected. A fraction of the amount of Lois and yet taller drivers are meant to suffer more from it. It is an odd subject to fully get your head around. Seems like a good time to run down the driver's standings as we are after the event Max Verstappen on a 150 points with two DNFs this season followed by teammate Sergio Pérez and a 129 the head now, as I mentioned of Charles Leclerc, also onto DNFs, but maybe worth pointing out that Max Verstappen has retired from races that he wasn't due to get such a big points haul if that makes sense. Leclerc has retired from bigger points losing positions. George Russell continuing that amazing run even being called mister consistency on the radio in fourth. Carlos Sainz with 83 points, Lewis Hamilton 62 Lando on 50 in 8th place Valtteri Bottas on 40 points followed by Esteban ocon 31 Pierre gasly 6. Mercedes Mercedes team coming away from an event once again where they're going to be really happy with the result today because of external factors not because they've solved anything. Yeah, it's pretty mad that George Russell is closer to leclerc in points than leclerc is to Verstappen. But I don't think any of us thought that based on the performance of Mercedes, it's pretty crazy, but the fact that Mercedes is closer to Ferrari than Ferrari is to Red Bull is probably not where we thought we would be at this stage in the competition. But as we said, Mercedes has been the most reliable car. It's the only car on the grid that hasn't had a DNF this season. Considering all their problems, George is also the only one who's brought home points every race. So although painful, consistency is key in at least staying in the battle because we could be in a position where we're talking about George Russell actually in the battle, at least mathematically, whether or not it's going to turn out realistically, probably not. I mean, I did joke that imagine if Red Bull and Ferrari implode, this is like the most ultimate what if ever. And George just keeps putting in results and wins on consistency. We have seen world championships one on consistency rather than run away or the most wins. So it's an interesting one. It's kind of a bit of a strange narrative that we're going to have throughout the season, but they just seem to be dogged with too many issues in terms of their outright performance that and for me, just not to dwell too much on the bouncing issues and the safety concerns. But I know it is massive, massive, massive talking point on Twitter. It's quite dark, isn't it? To use your drivers as a pawn to get what you want, performance wise, it's quite dark. How far do you go? How far do you push that as an advantage? But we did hear that after the, all the drivers came together to discuss, was there an issue with bouncing and all of them said, yes, apart from one. Any guesses who that driver was? Go on. Is Fernando Alonso? The only driver. Who said that there wasn't an issue. All the other drivers agreed that there is something going on here. It is uncomfortable, even if they're all suffering from varying degrees of it. And I do agree with both Hayden and Alex in terms of those that are on top of it, shouldn't really be penalized by the FIA coming in and mandating things or allowing people to change it. As they said, if you've got it wrong, it's kind of on you and you can't cry wolf to say that it's a safety issue if it can be fixed. But yes, it's quite interesting that Alonso was the one driver to say. As nothing wrong here. And this would be totally speculating and perfect thing to ask him for Canada. But given he is the driver with the most experience in other categories in another cars, we've been in wax, been an IndyCar, isn't it the only 500 dacre, he's been in a rally car..

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