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Tuesday on talk radio five sixty ks. Look for the Super Bowl. I'm pulling for the patriots. No doubt about it. I like the bay area guys like Brady like edleman. I know that what the quarterback of the Rams is from Barron. So what I hear member didn't quarterback quarterback with Iran. Remember, we're back for the Rams off the guy from Cal. Oh, okay. Okay, nevada. Well, seeing that I've I've stopped and Marin I've lived here for a long time. The number of times, I've actually start Marin is a drive through for me the number of times, I've stopped. There could be counted on two hands. So Marin person. I'm not Marin person I'm not into the I'm not into what the Toyota Land Rovers and labrador dogs. Beautiful beautiful, but we're more beautiful bell bell Campo burger and Miran which is unbelievable. Yeah. That that's delicious. That's it's just a stone's throw from San Quentin. But it's really good. Well, listen, I mean, the heart of the bay area's the peninsula. I mean, San Francisco in the peninsula San Francisco put well, okay. San Francisco peninsula, Oakland. A little south thereof. That's that's the traditional old school heart of the bay area. Yeah. Like used to be like the country. So here's the deal. So I'm pulling for the patriots. I I'm saying this to bug people. I don't care. The the bottom line is. I'm looking at these salaries, this is really fascinating. So the highest paid players in Super Bowl Super Bowl fifty three. So. I'll start with Brady. He's number three total cash this year fifteen million dollars. Todd gurley. Rams running back. Total cash this year twenty two million dollars. Aaron Donald you're thinking what he's our? He's the Rams defensive tackle. Or he's the ram. He's one of the Rams defensive tackles this guy twenty eighteen forty one million dollars after the Super Bowl billion dollar forty one million dollars. You do. You think he's going to be taunting Tom Brady? Well, okay. Here's one guy than you. Here's one guy who did taught. Now, this is interesting because generally speaking in football, they don't do that, you know, they're usually pretty cool with one another. Because they know it can turn around and bite him. And so you've got the Los Angeles Rams quarterback. Nick, I think is pronounced nickel or nickel nickel Roby Coleman. I just Roby Coleman. I just know. It's a big name on the back of his jersey. So Robie Coleman has risked the wrath of Tom Brady Brady because he claimed that age finally caught up with Brady. So it's you know, they have all these interviews before the game. And he pops off and tells the Bleacher report age has definitely taken a toll for him to still be doing it. Well, that's a great compliment for him. But I think he's definitely not the same quarterback was so now this becomes a story. You know? Okay. So now, you're you're taking on Brady. Okay. Great. You're you're criticizing Brady. So now, he ends up turning it around yesterday say, no, no, no, I'm sorry. My words were taken out of context. Everybody just made a big deal out of the situation. Tom Brady is a great quarterback. I wasn't trying to say anything bad about him. I respect him as the goat. Now. A lot of you who don't understand football are saying. Oh, well, well, well, what does he goat greatest of all time? I respect him as the goat. He's the legend. And I think words got misconstrued. Wow. This guy got spend out of context. How man this guy's backtracking? He's backpedaling for three football field wants at this point. He's still running backwards. There is proven science that trash-talking motivates the so-called victim. Yes, it motivates. And the other thing is that. Yeah. It it certainly does Tom Brady Tom Brady. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's the deal. So that's he spun around pretty quick the Rams as tons Brady of rage. The Super Bowl backtracks quickly. Howard schultz. I didn't know what the Navis book this, the former chairman of Starbucks billionaire? I mean, truly he's built a great company. There's no question about that. He's put a lot of lot of mom and pops out of business, including our good friend. Lana who had a great place in San Francisco. She got Starbucks. Yeah. But but anyway, the name of his book from the ground up. Clever from the ground from the ground up. A journey to reimagined the promise of America. So okay. This guy's he's on his book tour, which is also his this is sort of his test to see if he's going to run for president or not. And of course, we were talking about that yesterday. And everybody's talking about that. Because it's interesting that he's running as a centrist, independent a centrist independent. So as a centrist independent that means he's not Republican or democrat. But when you look at his positions, he's he's not just a democrat. He's a progressive democrat with a billion dollars. So the deal is he speaking, and it's all very Quainton and all very proper and prim, and everybody's there to kiss up to this guy and hear what he has to say. And there's a heckler charity have the heckler. I said, oh good. There's a heckler. This guy's loud and articulate, and he startles Howard Schultz and the interviewer when he says this I am seriously considering running for president as a centrist independent, and I wanted to clarify the word independent which view merely as a designation on the ballot. What?.

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