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His home the next day the trial of michael done for murder brought attention to florida's standard ground law as he claimed selfdefense if he could prove that he felt like his life was being threatened he had no obligation to retreat of course racism is also an issue here michael done is a middleaged white man and jordan was an african american teen done was overheard remarking about thug music our discussion today triggerhappy the murder of jordan davis surrounds the events leading up to and following the shooting in the trial of michael dunn who really seem to know no remorse after he claimed selfdefense without any evidence of a threat with the conviction of michael done we know that black lives to matter but our african american teens any safer today because of the court's decision and i wonder about the stand your ground law does this give people a licensed to kill these are the topics will address so for mode beer to this they are chose one called last buffalo in the park which is brewed by funky buddha brewing in oakland park florida hudson american porter it's barrel age quite a wonderful beer pitchblack in color looks kinda thicken viscous who's no real head to it at all the sitting there this black oily mess now it's not a mess but that's what of this sounds attractive yeah so it's got in a rome of coconut and chocolate and some boos and it tastes like the bounce bar stuff i was just going to say that sounds like amounts by it is and there is some bourbon but it's not as prominent as you would think from the aroma this is a medium body very smooth easy to drink beer gotta be careful because it is eleven point five percent alcohol bye bye and so you don't want to be slugging these down either at these guys is this brewery funky buddha makes some really worldclass pierce yeah you've reviewed some of their fierce before i write it sounds very familiar i have and i think when we hit florida and a couple of weeks will have to stop by their and pickups and beers florida seems to have some pretty good prerace they do yeah i'm looking forward to it good okay well let's up in that beer animal head down to the quiet act let's go down there.

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