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So what came out of that? Then we're actually eight persona. So within the analyst we saw the visionary, and we saw strategist within a mentor. We saw a teacher and a tutor within the agitators. We saw the entertainers into charismatics within a motivators. We saw a coach and then we saw. With a lot of these influencers call themselves the evangelist. So, the study really revealed that you know you have to stick to one of those those people that straddle the fence end up losing their influence, and that totally makes sense, so put that into a B. to B. World. So you know as we're trying to get our messages out there how? How does that affect the way that we create and disseminate content I mean? What difference does that man? Okay, so for example, if you you consider yourself a visionary. So. There's a number of these influencers that would fit that category. Then you have to kind of stay with forecast. White papers. Your forum should be behind a podium. People would only expect statistics and even if you are going beyond statistics, and you get into interpretation, it's at a very high level. Serve like a crusher enterprise strategically. they tend to hang out at all the different platforms, but prior primarily on a Lincoln, because you're going to be parking a lot of content, and that case probably also twitter, but if you kind of move down to where your connection is out of engagement, you know your form changes. You tend to see these people more in seminars workshops where there's a lot of interaction They're not behind the podium there. Always interface with other people now like a panel. Periscope facebook live. Their posts tend to be more engaging, and it's more about sharing personal stories versus you know the analysts archetypes are more about sharing best practices now when you move to the where the inspiration is all passionate. Now you start seeing far more on video like the Ted talks, but a lot of these people by the way they're still onstage. That's where we separated. You know you're either enlightening or you're engaging. If if you're a preacher, you're a comedian. You know you're not going to the audience saying Hey, what do you think so far before it continue? Let me feel a couple of questions, so they have all that passion, but not necessarily engaging their. Their Forum Zoll on a passionate side tend to be a highly emotional testimony, driven videos and dressed up with a lot of entertainment, so if they're doing panels, you know there's got to be a lot of fun entertainment surrounding them now what we saw was when those people try to mix it up..

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