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Today's doubleheader against the Blue Jays, 4 to 1. Garrett Richards tagged with the loss, giving up home runs to Randal Grichuk and George Springer. Richards has had a real rough go of it. As of late over his last nine starts. He has an E R. A over seven game two of the double header coming up tonight at 7 10. First practice. A training camp for the Patriots is in the books. With all the additions in free agency this offseason. James White likes what he sees. We have sometimes the guys Sometimes the guys that were here last year was unfounded. Like you guys enjoying our team. I just got to build that camaraderie throughout these days. The training camp started from Oh, th until now. Just keep argument building chemistry because that's the result of the Pats first preseason game is two weeks from tomorrow. And NHL free agency is official officially opened. The Bruins have been busy today, adding five players defenseman Derek for Bert Forwards Nick Folino, Erik Haula and Thomas No sick and they also signed goalie Linus Ullmark. It's 6 43 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes isn't getting any better out there, Mike now a little better in some spots here, but Dan overall pretty terrible. The expressway settled down. All the South Bay. It's been like that sits around noontime, really? And then you're back in it from granite ev to the Braintree split. Now I've got 30 minutes half an hour. Boston to Braintree right now, uh, northbound, tough range real passing upon its circle. 1 28 South backs up before great play Nav down through debt them And then you get onto 95 south. All brake lights from 1 28 down into Norwood with a breakdown in a bad spot, after, uh Neponset Street. Three South Slow Going out of Braintree up North 4 95 south awful three miles through behavioral from an earlier crash by river straight Mass. Pike. Westbound, slow going for a while out after 1 28 and delays out through Stourbridge with a crash cleanup on the exit for 84 in downtown, the lower decks back to Assembly square with a crash right at the start of the second bridge off to the.

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