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In the first half alone and i'm not taking anything away from the jets here because they played a phenomenal game but like gazza that url moral man he just he was the mvp of the nfl that year took over for johnny unites i guess the guys elbow was uh was all tour up so he couldn't play but i mean he had one he had a touchdowns like a threeyard pass and he threw it like brett far be through like ninety miles an hour to the guys outside shoulder the flex awesome easy touchdown in shoots up in the air it gets picked off he had a fleet flicker at the end of the half in this guy jimmy or is wide open jumping up and down he misses him and he throws into to fucking emme tactically it wasn't double coverage what there was jets all around the guy they throw another fucking pick i watched three i watch super bowl nine which is a great game the first half total defensive struggle and then in the third quarter franco harris starts running wild and it really wears down the front four of the steelers and the steelers defense is just fucking incredible and something i didn't know terry bradshaw was fast see i was too young to know that i saw older terry when he couldn't run anymore he ran of four five forty and he was a definite threat but um and super bowl ten killed me because i was a huge cowboy fans in in the '70s and watching them.

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