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Yeah it's making more sense to me now why people from newfoundland sound irish exactly yeah it's funny on the season of candida obviously there's somebody who's from newfoundland it seems like they always have somebody newfoundlander because they're the best people they are so much fun they're so friendly they're so great to be around and their accents are just insane like kenya understand the people from newfoundland i can most of the time but it it's like it can be a bit of a strain yeah the language is just it's so crazy how in different in the same country can be so different from one place to another it's very strange in like the fact that in canada this guy from newfoundland will be by candidates six is speaking and he needs subtitles for the canadian audience that's that's very and then in the last season we had william and dray who both would speak french to each other and obviously like they would need like the dialects in canada differ like way more dramatically than they do in the us even though the us has a lot more like real estate i guess yeah eric has a lot more people it's the state of california hundred larger population than all of canada we're very spread out and and all eighty percent of canada's population lives within like one hundred or two hundred klom years of of the us border so we're all pretty close to down here regardless of you know if you can drive the states and i can i can drive to quebec faster than i can drive to northern ontario.

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