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To a consortium investors that included glencore be interesting to know how a british company admittedly registered in switzerland but certainly with huge operations out in the united kingdom was able to in that way enable the capital financing of a russian oil company that had been sanctioned by these decisions again i'm i haven't got the details of the very specific case i will look into that i suspect the answer may partly line the way you put your question in relation to where the particular companies registered and therefore it is but i will upset me look at that issue because it goes the east the eu sanctions we're talking about sanctions from london earlier today in british prime minister theresa may meanwhile the british foreign secretary boris boris johnson is scheduled to deliver a speech tomorrow arguing that the scale of the response shows that vladimir putin realizes he is facing a new level of resolution however he's warning that it must continue what he calls intensified defenses against the russian hybrid warfare including russia's use of cyberattacks energy and disinformation at the white house today this statement from press secretary sarah sanders as you're all aware yesterday the president ordered the expulsion of dozens of russian intelligence officers and the closure of the russian consulate in seattle over twenty countries joined the united kingdom and united states and taking such actions and in response to the president's leadership several additional countries in nato have followed up with similar actions since our announcement as of this morning over twenty five countries all around the world have expelled one hundred and fifty russian intelligence officers hiding under diplomatic cover in their countries as we have said before the united states is open to building a better relationship with russia but the russian government must understand that there are serious consequences for its destabilizing actions this large and growing global response makes it clearer than ever that an improved relationship will only be possible if the russian government changes its behavior white house press secretary sarah sanders and at the state department ap's matt lee with this question to spokesperson heather nauert formulas russia's foreign minister lavrov said today earlier today that the the only reason that you were able to get these other countries on board was because you were using blackmail you meaning the united states i'm just wondering if you have a response this is an effort started by.

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