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Continuing coverage of the twenty twenty Indiana primary ninety three W. white BC nine forty four on June second twenty twenty primary nights here in Indiana I'm Chris Davis along with Abdul Hakeem Shahbaz and Eric Berman individual if it serves largely incomplete tonight as was expected because of the large number of absentee and mail in votes are you surprised with how many races did get finished and called not necessarily but won the race that they get called or places where there were a lot of absentee ballots are now but none of the problems that happen particularly here in Marion County up today Warren Diane and Warren are still out well worn should be done relatively soon guy and is still out and just not in yet although it's a conversation we just had a few moments ago with Cindy Kirk offer state Rep and also chairman of American eight Republican Party yeah I was gonna ask you are you surprised at the level of rancor there with the automatic mail out of absentee ballots yes the automatic mail of absentee ballots the fact that it is almost nine forty five and folks are still waiting and polling places to vote is ridiculous and unheard of and there's going to be bombed some of them had to be held accountable for this because this is just uncalled for it's probably good to point out that Marion County is the only county in the state that'd appropriated money for and executed the mail out of ballots to all voters in the county whether they were active or not if I have that correct yes you are correct well whether by voters who were sent out absentee ballots to basically everywhere and only about twenty three twenty five percent actually came back secretary of state Connie Lawson held a press conference along with governor Holcomb during the covert nineteen updates she said that the state would be getting all kinds of hand sanitizer all kinds of wipes they would be getting everything they needed to wipe down all of the voting machines and make it a very sanitary election for people who wanted to vote in person do you see this as one of the primary delays after speaking to some of the guests that we've I had on the program tonight that was some of it but still though there was something wrong from day one and big of me like I said it's gonna be bop so going to be held accountable for what exactly happened what what is the clerk no and one of the clerk noted a reckoning if you will yes all right so you would get the general election coming in that will largely depend the candidates will largely depend on what happens here in the next couple of days so I want to talk about some of the races that have been called so far some of the races that are already in the books and then some of the ones that are important that have not yet been called in that it looks like it might take a few days to actually get those results back yeah all right Eric is it just him most of them have been called at this point at the congressional level there's only four we don't have been the one that's of the most interesting is that first district race that's Pete Visclosky seat in Congress the Democrat is all but assured of victory in November and a very blue district of the lead has narrowed its clearly a two horse race it's Frank Shaver valve against Tom McDermott demerit Hammond armor van still leading that it's down to thirty four twenty eight I think we can safely say that was going to be determined by the mail in ballots especially when you've got up late county which is just huge in terms of the number of voters we're not gonna know that winter for a few days mark lay the leading on the Republican side by about eight points that would too may take a while to resolve the number waiting to see who the challengers are to Jim banks in the third and two very be shot in the eighth everything else is pretty much settled judge Jackie Walorski Jim banks Greg pence Andre Carson all renominated as expected Joe Mackey is your nominee in the in the fourth district against Jim Baird was unopposed tonight and you know you were asking about about races where where we thought we would what were we thought we might not have results tonight I didn't think that we would have results in the fifth district as quickly as we did but both those races have been call just getting up a note a couple of minutes ago from the state Republican chairman congratulating Victoria Spartz on her victory and Christina Hale winning on the democratic side too so but fasten your seat belts that's going to be the most closely watched congressional race in November and also are very expensive race to all on top of that because Democrats actually think they have a chance of winning Republican definitely the seat of they want to hold on to so get ready it's gonna be a bumpy ride well now you've got to another a few months Choteau kind of wait and see how that ramps up finally N. we talked about some of these congressional races tonight what about some of the state representatives some of the people who are running to represent people in the state house in have we had the majority of those called as well tonight we haven't had the majority called but that's only because there's a lot of them were recently don't have any numbers the ones where we do have numbers most of those that have been called there's a better route for that I can see so far that are perhaps unexpectedly closed even he's got ski the state senator from south bend that's actually more Republican districts than you might think but this is the democratic primary were talking about he's got a narrow lead on Alex Bowman that's entirely within St Joe county and that's another word that they will all of these we're gonna have to wait and see what the mail in ballots old but he's got to use a narrow lead up there hi Eric I think we got Victoria sparks on the phone if that would be a one of our winners for tonight let's get our senator hello yes hello Gretchen translations thank you so much thank you I'm very humbled and honored you're under support from my employer is in this industry gets wonderful it's very humbling you had a prominent endorser early on you got a got a lot of help from club for growth I know that was endorsement you're happy to have they call this race for you at about seven thirty well we were all sitting here saying well wait a minute we've got that mail in ballots you got married and have a county at what point did you feel confident you could declare victory tonight well you know I usually until it's over I don't believe it always store I work all those like I'm twenty point behind them until it was declared I don't do stuff like that so I do I do it was officially declared you know I did not declare a and I think it's important to note that you know we yeah they're both from all of the counties but I think it was good to see that I have great results in each county and we will card thank you know I don't pay attention when other people do with the board and what's happening here in the PMR about it very humble and for me and I'm so honored you know I said you know it's kind of a testimony and I'm leaving for that American dream is alive and well senator bog it's a bill here congratulations on your victory tonight question for you what's next how do you win in the general election in a district that's all a little bit more purple little bit more blue than what it used to be well I think it ever so now you have to work hard make your case connect to people and make sure that you can deliver results and what you promised and having a proven record to fight for every Hoosier that I represented in the state found that I'm managed to fight for it with the district and I think we have to have strong leadership we're going through some challenging times but we will get through this and we'll rebuild our economy and will be very strong country so I think they haven't that multi dimensional experience and be able to really this is a very diverse district and be able to have my personal experiences the farm as a model as a business on a state legislator you know I have to talk to people get on the ground and really I've never been chosen by leadership of my party I've always been chosen the right people on the ground and I hopefully land to win it from the ground if you have an unusual personal story then you you have the size this of your opponents tried it to use it in opposition but you've talked about emigrated from the Ukraine about seeing socialism first hand how does that play in November how do you see how do you sell the personal side of the story and how does it tie in with the issues of the be on the table this campaign in a presidential year I think the freedom that our country delivered and protect the people are still the most important thing and you know it and there is some of the you know we can talk a lot of politics and different things that we can see every individual wants to have freedom and choice to pursue their happiness and I think that is so American that the some what is our country is about the only difference you know the American by choice and someone who yeah not having the freedom I would cherish the freedoms and I have put an enormous amount of value and I think a lot of people in my district in our state has an enormous amount of value for our freedom I think freedom is what makes our country is the greatest in the walls and would have to talk about it because we are the greatest country in the world and we're going to be very strong it's important nine fifty four you just heard Victoria Spartz Republican Victorian the fifth congressional district Chris Davis Abdul Hakeem Shahbaz and Eric Berman thank you for tuning into tonight's live election coverage on ninety three W. why BC.

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