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Do that you sell it was the chase Elliott chasing how about the fall twenty eighteen all race winner was an Eric Merola yes it was actually the super super crazy performance by State House race polls not at the last second nicely done that was clutch that I know stuff holy crap I don't know where that came from to be honest the one luggage you've made it in the last five years and you put it out there is how did you walk off right there holy wow had you've asked me going into the show uh-huh if we needed something that everyone was drawing a blank on including you and you would be the one that pulled it out I would have been like wow no I mind is made of much these days so yeah that's how that happened that's incredible all right I think you know what let's all get Miranda applause everyone I could hear it can hear it thank you I go man Q. proudly almost hand as good as being right about Ryan Newman and it wasn't even Jimmy Johnson stay part my Josh this is probably the first time you said something not Jimmy or negative towards Ryan Newman over the last ten years all right Eric Merola nice job I went to go they can rally around in my brain for some reason that is awesome check out all the edge of your seat action not my seat Talladega style Sunday two PM EASTERN NBC and presumably there AP Blah two weeks and the big network I don't believe so wow if not if we're wrong feel free to browse around and if we're wrong I don't I think they would put Talladega on NBC S. N. maybe not but I don't want to that's a big responsible for someone being thirty minutes and it's not on yet what had these guys you said it me here the wind on again they're all Merle and one last year he's GonNa be right about this that's right we're not right about everything uh-huh oh man hey up next we probably should have promoted this at the top of the show but you know we didn't the legendary Mario Andretti is on w this has been a showman well good check us out online at the final lap dot com final lap dot com my name's Kerry Murphy his name is Toby Christie and we call it our program the final AP weekly and with guest like this we probably should be promoted this maybe weeks ago or even at the top of the show or or anything like that but no we wait to the last second Mario Andretti is going to begin by discussing road courses that try to be like other tracks by incorporating turns from said trae hill explain it and he's actually good at it every road course has its own characteristic its own character I know that you know even Formula One on a new circus they're happening in different parts of the world they're trying to copy some of the terms and a traditional like silverstone took create in order to make even and closer even data bank in and so forth the really no two alike Michigan Al's the banking was fully you got concentrator one but to be able to cross over now Dan is not on a take anything away from where your main effort is in you're right that's that's that's a good point Mario Andretti on the program you think his crew radioed ends at he Mario it goes towards improving this show and helping us learn how to say your name say trian dot com slash the final APP China inflation.

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