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Health issue in company and other factors not available in all states, which these times 6 50, a federal judge in Brooklyn, throws the book at the former Nexium sex cult leader correspondent Eric Could Turkey with the stories victims confronted Keith Ranieri with his past horrors, and the judge imposed a sentence of 120 years in line with the U. S Attorney Sethu Charms request for life in prison Veterinary will not be able to, uh To victimize people anymore after today sentence and we're very grateful for that Signor. He founded the self help group Nexium at a sub group called DOS, in which women were kept as slaves forced to have sex with him, branded with his initials and kept on diets that made them rail thin. He maintained his innocence and called his victims freethinking Adults. Revel scooters were the subject of a City council hearing today, as lawmakers consider new safety legislation. There have been four deadly crashes involving or connected To the electric mo peds style scooter since July, BOT Commissioner Polly Try, Hamburg said While rebel can offer several benefits to the city, there was no escaping the fact that mope Ed share is in a different and higher risk category, then Bikeshare Win Today's times. 6 51 time traffic in transit for your commute tonight. Here is Greg Rice. We go right to what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels the Outback upper level of the George the way to go out about lower closer to Jersey with a Red Cross Bronx Harlem River Drive the worst of it. West Side That's the best of it, getting out of town looking at the Lincoln Tunnel. It's about 10 to 15 minutes. Either way, So is the Holland Dad of his sour Brooklyn down Brooklyn Bridge. Just awful right now. Eastbound side of the bell still so slow nap street to Cross Bay Boulevard. So's the westbound ride on over from a sunrise Highway. Cross island. It is a south and slaughter from the Throgs neck all the way down towards the ally. Stay with the South Bank Clearview instead of that will treat you a whole lot better Grand Central, awful either way through Kew Gardens, especially eastbound. We're on top of the long term work. I gotta battle pass to break down. Here's what we see on Long Island's Big three. He's been northern Oh, sounds like we lost Greg there. Are you there? It's about that, Lord. Looks like we're having some connection issues. Yeah, we'll try to. Okay, Well, you know, Finish your report. We got ya now. Well, the ride on the eastbound northern.

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