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If your heart's beating a hundred eighty nine times you're dead basically. that's what a hundred eighty nine Bob beats in that song I'm getting all kinds of people god god go away get on Twitter I can't drive fifty five by Sammy Hagar highway to hell is another world or as we like to call it I seventy five motley Crue kickstart my heart what about six days on the road by Dave Dudley haven't seen Abby how about this one bulldog one of my store I mean followers Jesus take the wheel. I think they played out on a T. N. last night we are then the life is a highway by Tom Cochran dangers owned by Kenny Loggins this is what people that's a that's what the name of the show well what's your favorite song to drive. I don't know can brew I you know if you don't mind is what's at Freddy's dead by Curtis Mayfield. well I get behind the wheel in Freddy's dead is on love the king of all domains at that point you just so now do you still pay attention paid attention but I got bubble but I've got Curtis Mayfield and Freddie's death on the radio look out baby that's one candy is live in large and love in life is the top down and the windows are up in the pens just rolling down the road ends. because I've got all kinds of cars you're beautiful lovely well yeah that's thirty eight car garage you got I DO Jaylen also got that news Banja stole from twelve that year yeah I repainted the channel five. for that I scraped off I don't mind on it yeah what the hell tonight. we ought to be out of the twelve nine and five and I could be your life simpler more.

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