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You look at another death will be Kansas City again, one of the legitimate small markets in baseball, But they've gone out this winter. They find Mike minor two year deal. You signed Carlos Santana to a two year deal on and that's his owners. Isn't John Sherman the new order? They're deciding here? Look, we're going to put the money into the franchise. I I try to not be overly sympathetic to the owner's, largely because they made money, so the league made money. Every year from 2003 to 2019 and made a lot of money. It also did things like so and will be advanced Media actually be damn text for $2 billion business. That money never really made its way down to the field. But if you look at a situation like the red Where they were going to run their largest payroll ever last year Now they didn't end up spending all of that money because the players Hate played for a pro rated salary. So the only ended up sending about $50 million in payroll, but They also didn't bring in anybody the stadium. They have a very small local TV deal. They didn't get the revenue sharing. I'm sympathetic to the idea that seems in certain situations. Will look to lower payroll. We've seen that same Lewis as well, and that's another team where, when they were so big draw so well that that's such a large part of their revenue plants. Have to have no fans in the stands for a year takes takes a bite out of you look at the Reds, making all those investments last winter expected to draw 2.12 point two million with a winning team. They made the playoffs, but they can't even benefit from that this year. That's that's the baseball player, right? You play well one year and then get people excited, and you bring him to the park next year. I do think that there are teams How are particularly hurt by the pandemic that panics Don't really fit our usual models of talking about this time, a little more generous. To certain ownership groups and certain teams than I otherwise might. The Reds need a shortstop. I mean, there's no question about it. Freddy Galvis is I mean, they've moved on d d Gregorius, I think is still sitting out there. Marcos emptiness still sitting out there. Um, and draw to Simmons is still sitting out. There are DEA any of those have fit here for Cincinnati? I mean, I would think that a simian in Gregorius, you know, might be a little pricey for them. Really All of them are none of them. They're gonna be particularly frightening and Victoria's coming off the one year Hello deal with the police. He was good, but he wasn't great. You look at Simmons coming off an injury plagued you're probably the best player of the four because he's still a very facility. He's what people think. Omar Vesco's. He's the second best defensive shortstop on been sending in, you know again. Had a big year in 2019 wasn't good Last year, you can get all of these guys. You know, let's for much less than they would have cost you a year ago because they're coming off the bag years. And, of course, all the other things we're talking about here. I've loved stemming and has a fit. I think you get him on a two year probably to 18 to 22 22 something like that. And you walk it in for two years in the hopes that Jose Garcia develops and he could take over in 2022 23. I should say Garcia was pushed up last year. He's certainly not ready. I think you've got to give him at least on the figure under my such stunning a two year deal, any of those guys on one of those types goes back to deals with work. In the end, you could always bring back Galvis on what probably would be, You know, one year for million Dollar deal, There's really not much more market. Uh, but this is this is a situation that can be solved with money and was not a whole lot of money again. I don't think the wreck havoc, understand? But I think they can invest in a major way short stuff so they don't have one right now. When do you So what shouted by the way we're chatting with Joshi in his newsletter is just fantastic. It is so inexpensive and so Informative and he's writing up a storm. Now is he mentioned cause spring training is just around the corner and again, Joe how two people find this. I talk a lot about it, but I'd rather hear you tell us exactly where you everybody can find this cause it's it's so rich. With baseball information. Appreciate that Can. The newsletter is something I've been doing now for 11 years, you could.

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