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Sixers picked up a very much needed win at home last night. Albeit over over the Chicago Bulls Joel Twenty eight points. While Ben Simmons a triple double PHILEAS dominated bad teams all season probably because they're bad teams twenty six against teams below five hundred twelve and fifteen against teams above five hundred all right nick if you had to choose. Would you rather build a team around. Joel embiid or Ben Simmons because we are getting to the point where it seems like. You're going to have to choose breezy if you told me. When there's the four seconds left in game seven of the Eastern Conference semifinals and the sixers are down to Jimmy Butler or streaming up court seemingly force overtime? Or maybe pull up take a three two win the game right there. That nine months later we'd be talking about breaking up the sixers Butler would-be gone that the J. Radical be gone that now we're talking about which who can you keep Benner Joel. I'd say you're crazy like this is going to be filling Milwaukee in the east for the next decade. But the way phileas played on the lack of maturity shown by their two stars and the lack of cohesiveness which with those guys on the court at the same time makes this legitimate question and to me. The easy answer is I'd rather build around him beat. I'd Rather Trade Simmons. I think that embodied while I I don't think he's reached his full. Potential is certainly closer and a guy who has shown the ability if he can stay in shape and if he can get some some of the NBA maturity stuff better and check. He can be a dominant force in a league that is going small having the biggest strongest potentially one of the US guys in the League can be enormous benefit when he's as Nimble as Joel has shown the ability to be. Meanwhile Ben Simmons if I show you video of him and I don't tell you what year it is. You have no idea what what you're watching whether it's first you've been seven second. You're Ben Simmons this year Ben Simmons. He's the skill set that made him a tremendous rookie. Makes him disappointing at this point in his career to me. There's no way around that. Would that said I do think he is trade value. I do think there'd be teams that want him teams that don't have the big man clogging the paint like what he could do. So I would if I have to trade one of them. Howard I'm trading been because I do think he has enormous value and I'm keeping Joel? I can't disagree. I can't disagree and by the way if anybody thinks. Oh It's premature or are these people already talking about trying to break these guys up or the media's trying to let me tell you something this is the conversation around the entire NBA. This is what other teams are talking about to. That those two do not click well together that the sixers sixers have hit a ceiling and that it's inevitable whether it's this summer or Bhai next year's trade deadline whatever it's going to be. The clock is ticking on Simmons and NBA. Now that's ultimately up to the sixers to decide not all of the chatterboxes around the NBA. But that is the buzz around the league and to your point. Nick I lean. I'm beat also. It's not just the makeup. The fact that he's a seven footer. WHO's got some guard steals? It could do damage inside and out in the power and the Nimble nece all of that. It's that Joel embiid cares. I liked seeing tears from Joel. EMBIID's is after they were eliminated by the raptors. I like the passion that was behind that now if you want to say yeah. But he didn't follow up he didn't come back in the best shape or he didn't find. I get that he cares. I still I look at Ben. Simmons and I don't know sometimes he. He is so just just kind of emotion less. I don't even know how he just just very stoic out there and that doesn't necessarily you mean you don't care right. Kawhi Leonard showed us you can be still and still have a great passion. Burning Inside is also shown us how much he cares every single year of his career. Yes coming back with a new skill or an improved skill or investigate police players to us we. You can tell us you care through your emotions you have to show us you care or through the evolution of your game so to speak and we just haven't made I was Jin remember couple of years ago. I was as big of a Ben. Simmons was because I said we focus the one thing he does poorly instead of all the other things he does great and the argument. Of course he'll get better at that one thing but he hasn't and he maybe he's tried cried to get better in practice but in the games there's been no evidence whatsoever that he has any willingness. Shoot the basketball and that at this point in two thousand twenty. You can't win that way. The thing that concerns me the most nick was earlier. I think it was in this season. Zero preseason where when the subject came up of his refusal to shoot his reticence listens to shoot it was basically. I'm all star like that was an actual exchange that happened. You can't think that way you know we're all talking about for the last few weeks all the lessons. We learned from coby Brian his career. What did Kobe do consistently throughout his career? He worked on his game. He strove to get better and he constantly added things. Nobody can come into this league. No matter how how talented you are and so you know what I'm GonNa Start Laurels. It just doesn't work that way not in the NBA. And we're not in a place in time right now where you're going to have a head coach that's going to force you to do certain things that you don't want to do in the question with his team now becomes what's more likely to happen. Ben Simmons Learns How to shoot or Joel on bead gets in shape that kind of shape. You WanNa see him playing it and I think you guys are both saying Joel. EMBIID is the one. That's most likely I've seen Joylin shape and I think one of the things where I try to be fair with Joel. I'm standing might have some eating habit issues. Whatever that is because he's at injury issues and because he's so big he can't do the regular conditioning guys need to do? He's going to have to at times play his way into shape because he can't do all of the off season things cardiovascular. Wise that you would need to do Rian tiptop shape because he does have to be careful on his lower body in in the lower extremities and him rot running five miles for example takes more than just about any other player in the league other than other than Mirjana Mirjana rich. You know what I mean running five miles because of how big is and so I do get I. Don't WanNa give him say I give him a pass but I understand it. The Simmons stuff's inexcusable. And and and the attitude stuff that you you're much closer league circles than I am but I still hear certain things I mean. People do wonder is Ben. Simmons ends more infatuated with being a star. Then he is with being a star player like that is a real. I don't know been so I can't speak to it. I know that is whether it's true or not. A question people around the League have about an and it's not an unusual. I don't know when Ben Simmons well enough to know either whether that's the case case but it is the case that that happens with NBA players. Right we know that this happens. There are some guys who are more about the lifestyle and the limelight and the payday than they are about a passion for winning and again this goes back to my just distance observation of these two guys. EMBIID has a passion and a caring there that you can see. That's evident. His emotions are on his sleeve. Ben Simmons it does not it makes me wonder one quick. Follow Point because Ben Simmons beyond the trade block this summer. This was one of the reasons that I thought that Golden State trade was such an abomination that if the warriors and up with the number one pick which was the worst record. I know you're far from it. I wonder what Phillies says to Diangelo. Russel in the number pick four can do better you think who can do but I think the sixers can do better if Simmons is on the block. They're going to be able to do better than even that. Okay Fair enough because I think ben actually would fit great in golden state because he doesn't need to shoot because you have all the shooting the world around you and I think de Ngelo Russell be much better fit next to Joel even though Ben might be a better player than de Ngelo Russell. It's just the been simmons comes available. I think there's GonNa be a lot of people feel like we can fix what ails them or. We don't even won't won't even ask him to change because we don't have. Joel embiid clawing pain look. We've done the sixers so many times. Every time we finish I could easily say the same sentence you can count on one hand the amount of time. It's Ben Simmons Simmons's shot a three point shot. What is it three or four more threes than he does.

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