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Am not backed by leisure, suits. Don't do. We're all crazy in Chicago. I don't know moody for love you song about beastie alad here. Although I did do a song another kid in the crawl getting back to putting in your meat. All right. Well, that's all right. Sure. We started with that. But that seems like a good place to end. Yeah. Rodeo via the microphone and. Yeah. And the Kars for Kids in the show auto thrill show, you were advis again, he sort of group ever if someone invites you to their therapist, you never go, no trap. That's what I'm saying. Okay. I will say, and I know we're running layers very quickly I stopped drinking because Janet, and I went to Pat dollars in some anger management therapy. And when I heard him recounting, our family vacation. Yeah. I thought to myself boy, I need to stop drinking. Yeah. Because this sounds like exactly what my dad did to me. Okay. So yeah. So good call. Yes. And no, I mean, I think it depends. Well, he didn't invite you. Yeah. You're that's different your parenting. Well, right and the doctor had us come. Yeah. I wonder if he wanted me to hear that. I don't know. But boy it really landed. Man. I was like was just sitting there going. Wow. I suck. I mean, I really that's really what got me to stop a couple of failed attempts at it. But then is what got me to stop airing him talking about that vacation nice. Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. So. I can't I don't know. I I of want to hear what happened to you though. Can we do that? After the always we knew vaguely tell us what happened to you. Yeah. I think so because it sounds like you're really ambushed. Can.

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