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This is the drive with Leigh Matthews. good afternoon to you good evening that is glad that you are joining me and drive at home with leigh matthews hand the drive on newsradio one thousand k._t. okay let's reset the scene of a couple of the things we've already hit on maybe you want to chime in on them eight four zero one thousand leigh matthews k._t. okay dot com we talked about the train delays that are going to be a thing of the past starting july one corporation commission says that the law that was passed cam be enforced and that fines or they'll be thousand dollar find any train who delays you longer than ten minutes just like traffic court the train operators will be able to appeal and go to those court hearings and appeal the citation i believe different police entities whether they be state police local police or sheriffs can write the citations and everybody's still talking about how are they going to enforce it well i don't think there'll be any problem from an angry motorist who sitting there at the corner of douglas and whatever where the railroad track crosses and they've been waiting ten minutes fifteen minutes for the train to do what it's going to do so we'll see i this is one of those things where i've always been a little if because i i give the railroads the benefit of the doubt because there have been railroads in the united states and oklahoma longer than there've been roads which is why they always get the right of way veve owned the property upon which their tracks are laid longer than anybody else's owned anything longer than there've been the municipalities here in oklahoma That said. it's not very good p._r. work for the railroad to go out of its way to block traffic is specially when we're talking about a town like miguel that's completely bisected by the railroad tracks and some of these trains are so long a stalled train can literally bisect to the town for fifteen twenty thirty minutes no emergency vehicles can pass no nothing now should the municipalities work to build underpasses i think so edmund has but okay we'll see this is one of those we'll see how it works out i'm doing the same thing with the streetcars i'll see how it works out i'm against the streetcars because they can't move i'm against the streetcars because i've never known a municipality our size where they have made money or at least paid for themselves lovely wife has been vocally against me in this whole thing i like cars are going to be great she works in midtown and wanted the idea of being able to hop on the street car in midtown and go downtown to get lunch She, she tried it the other day. Quickly figured out. She probably could've walked faster. Stay will go very fast. No, I know. Was it fun? Yeah. It was kind of fun. Okay. Well, if it was fun. Maybe there's the draw right there. But. now will tourists use them probably in your tourist you're in town you're staying at the hampton and you wanna get to the cock senator watch a basketball game and then you want to go i don't know to midtown to packard's and get something to eat and then go back to your hotel or you could do all that conceivably on the streetcar Not if you stay out too late 'cause they quit running after certain. So anyway. i remember in washington d._c. when lovely wife and i were in washington d._c. we elected to get around using their metro and it's a splendid metro get you anywhere you want to go in the city everybody complains about having to walk around d._c. in the heat if you want to see the washington monument the supreme core they have you can see all of that with the metro it'll get you there so you don't have to necessarily walk that whole thing right okay great then it came time for us to fly out we had a five a._m. flight out of reagan we went to catch the metro and it does run at five a._m. on saturdays and sundays it doesn't start till nine so cabbie Get us to the Reagan. as i can and the nickel plate now's in your city that mayor de blasio who is running for president has been doing that in new york city subway system he's been well shutting down real so boy stations from two to seven in the morning to save money to save money in the city that doesn't sleep has got exactly industry of people get off ally lord yes in the fact that you can get a pizza at four a._m. fresh exactly exactly delivered delivered the blasios not going to be president in the toilet is not going to be married for much longer he's gone what else they're doing in the subway defecating from what i heard yes they're doing that using it as a toilet anyway so we got into all that on newsradio one thousand k._t. okay we talked a little bit about the texas officer was shot with a crossbow and touched on ham radio operators which they had their big field day this past weekend and i and admire and like amateur radio operators i i was very close to becoming one myself and the reason i did not become one and have not sense is i guess i was fifteen when i took my tests to get my f._c._c. third class license something that doesn't exist anymore but once i got that and once they started doing this professionally I'll go home and talk on the radio anymore. I'm just been doing it all day. well they do a good job of keeping people informed when power because they do oh indeed they do and i like to think i do too right here doing this job so nothing against amateur radio i love him And it always looks like a lot of fun. But I just don't need another hobby. Definitely. i like to shoot guns and i've had several people reach out to me to come and shoot in their tournaments and that's just one thing i'm not gonna turn this into a job it is a hobby right now that i do when i like it on the on the terms that i like i don't wanna have to start oh gotta go train for that Trained for that. that shooting match this weekend oh sorry honey i know it's your birthday but i imagine i gotta shoots are no no no no no no so After a while you just got to pick your priorities and. eight thousand matthews k._t. okay dot com we talked about immigration which we're gonna get into again in just a minute the president was supposed to have a big round up this weekend it kinda petered out i think and this is my theory i think the president brought this up because it was trying to get pelosi's attention this is how the president gets your attention i want to buy some property in your town okay mr trump what he wanted but i wanna buy this block while no you can't have the whole block all okay i want the whole block if i don't if i can't get the whole block i'll buy the whole town oh adam no wait wait let's just talk about how about you buy this building okay i'll buy that building and yeah that's the building i wanted anyway and that's what he does he gets your attention And I think when he said, there's going to be millions rounded up this this weekend. and then on saturday he announced the towns that they were going to be rounded up in and you know what towns the word they were chicago new york by ami san francisco all these alleged sanctuary cities Believe you me. The San Francisco got Nancy, Pelosi's attention. and so she responded by saying oh we can't do this this is immoral about believable blah and so he said okay okay at least this is what i think will happen we're gonna call it off But you better get your little California, but back into the congress and make some reform laws now or I will. at least that's what i think happened i'll check with our correspondent michael bauer who's joining us in a little while on newsradio one thousand k._t. okay bill very prominent caller called and said you know the the for not deporting a illegal immigrant because you don't want to separate him from his family is like saying i'm not gonna lock up this criminal because that would separate him from his family and this is the exact same thing and using the same logic on abortion in some of these new york laws and virginia what does the other member there's other states that have passed laws that said yeah you can abort up until the time of birth That's like saying it's like saying we're going to start. Invoking retroactive abortion, okay? You have your kid to three years. You know this isn't a kid I wanted can. I kill him. I mean, that's really the same logic. Yeah, I know my kids three years old, but he's screams a lot and he keeps me up. I don't want this can I count them? well it's your body it's your life you should be able to do what you can't would you want with it right i mean that's the same the same reasoning and no i'm not serious i'm being hyperbolic word of the day hyperbolic of or relating to hyperbole making extended comparisons bordering on the absurd sometimes some countries and some companies are working to lessen their output of pollution plastic either by imposing a charge of a few cents per bag or by banning them altogether we're talking about grocery store plastic bags one grocery store in canada has found a unique way to try to get people to stop using the plastic bags and use reusable cloth bags east market in vancouver b._c. will offer the single use plastic bags for their customers but instead of boasting the store's name or the phrase have a nice day or where prices are born not raised they display embarrassing messages like the colon care co op or into the weird adult video emporium or dr toes war wholesale they hope that it'll shame people and discourage them from using the plastic bags out of a fear of humiliation Wow. and of course they won't offer the reuse they won't you the recyclable paper bags they won't use it which i like those better anyway they're easier to carry they hold more and when you turn the corner the groceries don't roll all over your backseat They at least stay contained in the bag. You know what I mean? eugene writes when we want gold we spare no expense to dig it up and process it what makes recycling any different it can be done yeah but that's the thing eugene you can't recycle those plastic bags i don't know why you just can't doesn't stop me from putting them in the recycling ben but you're not supposed to sean writes it is about the environment or their bottom line they're moving to no longer provide packaging for what they sell to have you buy the bags from them then store and maintain them at your expense walmart saved a reported twenty eight million a year just by changing their bags sean you're right about it Although they're trying to make it a about the environment. Randall is on NewsRadio one thousand Katie, okay? How you doing? Hey guns forever. that that video the marine had on your website at twenty two magnum.

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