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Right, Mike, I guess so let's pick things up now like my pants, especially pants, and we our top story at this hour done. Rick Devon's continues his March towards the survivor and game with a really strong showing this week wins immunity and holds the hidden immunity idol heading into the newly constituted final six want. Somebody comes back from the edge of extinction. And so I think that it's only customary that we start with Devon's watch. Yeah. I mean considering the past. Episodes have been Devon's will not. I mean, this has been such a weird season of survivor, rob. And I don't want to get the connotations mixed up here weird. It does not mean wrong in my opinion. In fact, I'd sort of coined this. The trademark train wreck season a couple of weeks ago with all of these big characters really getting taken out in such crazy ways. One by one by one when we were comparing the survivor to the pinball game last week via Jeff produce it does kind of feel like the past couple of weeks, at least from a storytelling perspective, we have sort of tilted the table in Rick Devon's favor and this episode was no different. Okay. Mic where you coming down on all things Rick Devon's the heading into the finale, it's really tough because you know, you have certainly talked about it last week. And I feel like we have to again talk about it this week breaking down what Rick Devon's means to these revive fandom because I really do feel like it's a lot more new. Ons than you can really grasp by attributing once or or viewpoint or the other to it. Because I feel like there are people who do not like Rick Devon as a person certainly that happens with every survivor contestant, they feel he's too gregarious. They feel it's his to Hammy with the the news time confessionals that he's to braggadocious. There are people who are fine with him. But dislike the way he's playing the game in that survivors game of social strategy and going around finding idols by yourself is not exactly it's an antisocial strategy as much as a big part of the game as it has become which we've seen in previous seasons as well. Dictating the endgame what I find so interesting about Rick Devon's is that this is one of the first time, I can remember where essentially the jury is kind of being sold a Bill of goods, and we know it as well as the other players. I think that's where a lot of the pushback is coming from as well. And we can certainly talk about. The idols of it. Because I think there is some pushback there as well. In terms of a people questioning the legitimacy of that as a game play style. But it just gets so interesting that you know, we do have such a big showing from Rick Devon's at tribal council, he puts on these major performances, and the fact of the matter is tree sorta no it's BS and everyone else sitting there next to him. No, it's sort of be as but the jury as far as working -cerned are totally lapping it up. I'm not making this a reference to weeks in a row, but it's very much like tar tooth this French play where a man gets invited is a house guest. He acts completely Boris to everyone in the household, except his friend who just cannot see pass that facade and just sees as this fantastically. Nice guy. And I know you in Christian sort of talk through as as to how you sort of get the jury on your side or to win favor away from Rick Devon's. But it is source slowing this season has been so startling to me. I think one of them is that we are seeing..

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