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For Jen White. Our trip around the world this week will take us to China, Turkey and Siberia. But again, there's one story that eclipses all others. The global fight against Cove in 19 there have now been more than one million confirmed cases in India, two million in Brazil. Here. The daily total of new cases hits another record, and has Russia been trying to steal the research That's going into finding a vaccine. Our guest this week are David Lawler, World News editor for Axios. Hayes Brown, Co host of Buzzfeed Podcast News o clock. And Jennifer Williams, a senior foreign editor at box and the co host of the podcast, Worldly thanks all for joining us. Now. Once again, the World Health Organization is not happy if governments do not clearly communicate with their citizens and roll out a comprehensive strategy focused on suppressing transmission. And saving lives is going to get worse and worse and worse, The head of the W. H O told reporters this week that to many countries, air quote headed in the wrong direction when it comes to the pandemic. Hayes is he right? The trend lines on a lot of countries are extremely worrying, including here in the United States. The fact is, he's right. A lot of countries are doing this dance where they're trying their best to tamp down populist disagreement with the fact that people are having to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus there, Having to contend with the fact that You're economies are hit hard by the fact that people can't go out to work or spend money as normal and they're trying to balance all this in the face of a virus that has no cure at this point and no vaccine. So I, the World Health Organization is absolutely correct and urging government and people to take this virus as seriously now as it as they did back in April, say, But it's it's an uphill struggle right now, which is baffling to most observers. I feel like who have been wanting this story closely on who care. About their lives and livelihood. I mean, the fact that governments are still in the process of trying to roll back the restrictions and get people back to work even as Protective equipment is not available. Even as the virus caseload continues to grow in hospitals continue, Tio grow more overwhelmed. It's baffling. Jennifer the W H O itself has come under some scrutiny lately, mostly from the U. S. What's happening? Yeah. So the W H O has basically become a target of the Trump Administration for a particular reason, Mainly early on in the outbreak of you know, before even became a pandemic. W. H O was seen at least by the Trump administration but also by Sun outside observers as being a little Tio willing to accept China's explanations except China's kind of resistance to letting out you know, outsiders come in in the early kind of outbreak in Wuhan. And you know, it's part of this kind of broader issue that we're seeing with the Trump administration that you know, started a few months ago, but we're continuing to see which is basically instead of, you know, working hard to try to address the actual issues of lack of testing capacity. You know problems with reopening schools coming up his plans. The Trump Administration has decided to essentially turned outward and look for scapegoats. Tio, deflect blame from themselves and China is target number one and I would say probably Target number two would be the late show. But it's more about China itself. In terms of the Trump administration. Kind of trying to make this, you know, they call it the Chinese virus. Trying to make this look like this was something that was unleashed by this, you know, bad foreign adversary that it's not the Trump administration's fault, etcetera and then More recently, the W H O has also come under criticism for some of the decisions that they're making in terms of guidelines and the science particularly around things like mask wearing, you know whether or not They are mandating and saying people should be wearing masks to to to prevent the risk of spread of the infection. Um and other things like that, in terms of like viral. Droplets and, you know, aerosolized. You know whether the virus can be spread and stay in the air for a long time. So no, you chose really coming under fire for several reasons on dawn, all sides and I think to some degree You know, some of the criticism is legitimate. And then you know on it. On the other hand, some of it is is very clearly political, you know, from the Trump administration. Countries around the world are reimposing lockdowns and social distancing measures as covert 19 continues to surge, India just past a 1,000,000 cases, and it's slapped a two week locked down on part of the country in response. David, we say locked down, but what does that actually entail? Right. So we saw this big wave earlier in the spring of nationwide lockdowns where people often you know you couldn't travel within the country. You were told not to leave work unless you leave unless you have an essential job or you had to go grocery shopping or something like that. What we're seeing now is both more targeted geographically and in India there there are in some cases, states In some cases, cities in some cases, city blocks there particularly hard hit that there are additional restrictions being placed on. So we're not seeing these big nationwide lockdowns like we saw before. And also in some cases, it's it's it's. It's a matter of rolling back what had been opened up rather than going all the way back into full, You know? Can't leave your house locked down. Yes. So I was going to ask you. How's India handling the pandemic on hole? So India had this, You know, they went into nationwide locked down. They were criticized because there were all of these migrant workers who were stranded in cities and then traveled out to the countryside, and the fear was that they would bring the virus with them because it had been concentrated in cities to that point. That does seem to have happened. The outbreak has spread really around the country. Testing is still very limited in India, but the caseload continues to rise. It's now the third The daily, You know, Case count, there is is the third highest in the world behind the U. S. And Brazil, and it's likely to continue to climb throughout this summer. So the situation in India is quite worrying a CZ you mentioned They're trying to add the footsteps into place to slow the spread without going into this really economically crippling lock down Hey is nearly 2.5 million migrant workers were stranded during India's first round of lockdowns. Could that happen again? It could because thie Indian government, it's interesting the way the parallels between Indian the Grand States right now are kind of fascinating both large and populist countries with unfortunately weak health infrastructure in place right now to deal with this virus and what India is seeing eyes. Very close to what the U. S. Is saying in terms of the virus is popping up in various parts of the country. We're seeing spikes grounds country they're basically chasing after these new flare ups, try and tamp them down, but in the process They're not really addressing the rural committee. The number of people in rural communities who are possibly going uncounted and the virus continues to spread there..

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