Rhodesia discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Catching a glimpse of these things crap whatever you wanna call there was a picture in the newspaper to with these a little craft all over the place right right the famous one of the capitol building with a number of of white light flying behind it now the school children the school children I'm trying to think I think that may have been Rhodesia there was a story I will always remember of not an encounter but the song he tees in our craft flying over the school do you remember that one yeah I I I can't place that one but the the one that she is referring to where it was a number of the of school children and the teachers solve this crap land in a field just past the the playground and they these these kids witness they of some kind of interesting come out of the craft and from the kids even said that it that it waved at them the interesting thing about that story is that a couple of years ago a couple of these children now adults have come forward in saying that yes this really did happen and one of them at least has said that she has had continued visitations from these beings after their.

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