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Great chime in the morning and afternoon anytime for pop culture and pop quiz time now for the KLBJ pop quiz. What it takes to be American idol blogger Jeff wore Dakota Daniel. Pop quiz, the fastest growing game show in the word Dakota. Thanks, so very very very much. Whether it's now on the pop quiz live line is Brenda. Hello, Brenda welcomed KLBJ radio. Hi there. Hi there. Hi, how are you? Where are you? Calling from today. Brenda round rock, Texas, all round rock, Texas USA is it raining out in round rock because I got some sprinkles of rain on my way into the office this afternoon. Now, it's nice and dry now. Nice and dry. I like to I like, the slow rain. A gentle rain filling up the lakes and making everything green. What is this? It's it's rain talk with Ed and Brenda here on. Brenda say Hello to Mr. Chretien over. There is name is Jeff Ward high here, you're American idol flawed. He is. What would you like to know anything you want to know about American idol? Jeff knows Brenda. How many shirts to Simon Cal? Is this before he did the song with? Fat guy Ruben stuttered Ruben stuttered when he won last year or is this when Carrie Underwood one last month. Carrie Underwood went, okay. Jive shirts. Okay. Yeah. Five shirts she fits from. Thanks for the information passing on information, Brenda check and tell you Carrie Underwood next installment of American idol is going to cover a slayer song. Oh, great player. Brenda at stake. Today is one of the great big. What do you call them? Jeff. Yeah. Patrick, Leland, install them. Pardon me. You stole them. They weren't looking big frozen type coffee much. They're really good Brenda Brenda here is your third question. Okay. Brenda, brenda. They had the Miss America. Contest last night on ABC for the first time in history. What did the Miss America? Contest not feature last night. Swimwear. Exactly, right. You're a very good friend. Jeff. Here's your question. Did you get my message last night? I did during an NFL football game. You need some any low T. Did you flip all the number? The next commercial chefs up the Miss America was crowned last night. What state is she from proudly? I have no idea. You have no idea proudly proudly educated guests there. I will. I'm going to say. State of New York. Our you did. No, okay. That was one of fifty chance. Wow. Yeah. Brenda. That's pretty good. Wanted of Jeff. Did you watch Miss America last night? I did not. Yeah. I flipped over and message. Just to get it. Get him going. Okay. Brenda football NFL football last night. Who does not would be watching? I turned over you went to score west when it turned over twenty zero zero. Well, I thought I'll be entertainment Miss America bit. And I watched the animus America, miss New York. One flipped it back over and here. He came here came superman. Right, right, Brenda. Here is your next question. Brenda speaking about Sunday night football who is singing the New Sunday night football song. She's catching some flack on social media today. It's not Carrie Underwood. Carrie underwood. Did you get to see Kerry song of the start of the game? Nope. Have the sound down again. Yup. Okay. I've not heard I said because she's pregnant pardon me. Why why is there controversy? I'd have to listen. I'll just people didn't like the song. She sung Johnny could maybe fire that baby up, but we could see for ourselves. Johnny got it..

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