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Back to health after her parents accidentally stepped on her egg and broke its at London. Zoo zoo says keep us were, to find rainbow the female Humboldt penguin chick was still alive inside, the. Broken egg they rushed the. Chick to the zoo's clinic. Where vets transferred. Her to an incubation chamber she spent weeks cuddling with a soft toy penguin and was federal zoo called penguin. Milkshake made a fish vitamins and minerals penguin keepers Susie hides said, on Thursday the birds typically reject chicks when they accidentally step on their eggs she said the one month old. Is growing quickly and we'll stay in the incubation chamber until she reaches ten weeks, President Trump says he's willing to sharply boost tariffs And China is AP Washington correspondent saga megani reports Trump's escalated his threats to punish China for it's trade policies, he's already imposed, or threatened tariffs on more than two hundred thirty. Billion dollars worth of Chinese imports and the president's. Indicating he's now willing to put them on every product imported from China last year the. US imported roughly five hundred five billion dollars in goods the president tells CNBC he's willing, to go to five hundred blasting. Washington's trade, deficit with, Beijing I don't, like it and I haven't liked it for many years China already. Retaliated with the duties of its own at American businesses who'd be hit in a trade war are pushing back against. The administration's moves saga megani at the White, House The popular mama Mia movie franchise returns to the big screen AP entertainment editor Oscar wells Gabriel says a new yet familiar face is part of the cast It may be the second go round for the mama Mia. Movie franchise but it is the first. Time around four share. Who was not, in the original the veteran actress says that. Made her a. Little bit. Nervous I was the last one to calm everyone knew each other Second film together not having a. Major role in the movie made her. A little apprehensive but And after. All the set and, done share says she thinks that things worked out well I'm Oscar wells, Gabriel Hi I'm Ralph Rousseau AP. College football writer and host of the AP top. Twenty five college football podcast available on apple podcasts. And podcast one while there be sure to subscribe rating review that's the.

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