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News stay connected stay informed komo news one thousand ninety seven seven and komonews dot com president trump showing support for his embattled epa administrator scott pruitt even though the chief of staff is reportedly attempted to oust him the administration insisting pruitt has done a good job despite mounting questions about his travel expenses security detail and his connection to a top energy lobbyists abc's kenneth moton has more new reports have in battle epa administrator scott pruitt unprecedented spending associated press reporting better than epa official who spoke anonymously for fear of retaliation says pruitt security costs travel expenses plus pay total nearly three million dollars this news coming just hours after pruitt met with president trump in the oval office the president thinks that he's done a good job on the purpose of carrying out the goals of the epa for the white house refuses to say you're pruitt is on the chopping block trump tweeting his support for the epa chief whom he said it's totally under siege despite the president's tweet abc news has confirmed that its own chief of staff john kelly believes pruitt should go scrutiny magnified by this news interview about top eight getting hefty pay raises go around the president in the white house and get pay raises to two staffers did not my staff did and i found out about that yesterday and changed it but epa officials telling abc news that's not true they say pruitt knew about the raises and supported them one eight received a nearly fifty seven thousand dollar increase pruitt already under fire for that housing deal that allowed him to pay fifty dollars a night for this dc apartment is owned by in washington lobbyists whose husband represents clients who fall under the jurisdiction was like an airbnb situation when i was not there the landlord they had access to entirety of the facility near detail about that living arrangement abc news has learned the city says the landlord did not have a license to rent out the room and political reports pruitt overstate is welcome landlords were so frustrated with their lingering tenant that the ability pushed him out and change their locks that living arrangement is under scrutiny by the epa as inspector general and members of congress the epa which is already looking into his travel says security costs were high because pruitt the man responsible for.

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