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Now. A handled by Pete. Bo. Regards senior, and his partner, the famous chef Bobby Nira. Good morning everybody who comes into the, the place in all seventy go. Where is Bobby? Oh, he's in the kitchen. What what's he doing? Well, he was creating some sweet rolls and getting the coffee going. And you can't help yourself. Can you? I'm a hostess with the most Steelers friend, you'll never come in empty handed. I say and we see on television doing work in you. You really are. I'm amazed at how busy you are. And how many things you're involved with Jimmy just a little bit of a listing. You're a fleet with cars and cigars. I mean that's a big pet project for my freedom hill. Tom and Vicky Gilani my wife, I love being partnered up with them and you handle the food now and to freedom hill have been there. This'll be my third summer businesses growing by leaps and bounds. Tom Vicky allowed me to take it to the next level at freedom hill about center, and, you know, I have the same relation here, same relationship here with Mr. and MRs Beauregard, have a lot of respect for the family. We've been friends for twenty plus years. I both Pete junior at the gross point yacht club on Monday nights. He's a great guy bought a few boats from the family. And this is awesome. I love driving from Saint Clair shores. All about the quiet drive and I get a lot of work done in the car, and then I get here. I get more work done. Isn't that something and you're proud daddy, your, your little girl is now not so little she's working the ER at Beaumont, and maybe on our way to Wayne State medical school, and you couldn't be prouder. Both my girls. My youngest graduated from Grosse Pointe, north great athlete, and my older ones. On cancer research, at car models, taking a gap year between the you know, her undergrad and medical school. This fall, God willing, she'll be at Wayne State, where waiting here, Wayne State. Give us a call. Got tuition set aside. Good for you. No. That you had a magic touch with food Bobby, it started with my mother and father. They owned a catering facility in Saint Clair shores, nineteen seventy six I was six years old. And I love the dabble in the kitchen with my mother, God, I just love the cooking with her. And my, my grandmother, had a Sicilian, grandmother. That was just just toughest nails. She looks like a little Danny. Devito. If you're doing something wrong, she craft yet. There's a lot of pictures. And that's going to be one. So, yeah, I just I loved it, and we did a lot of hard work. It wasn't cool to be a chef back in the seventies eighties. Listen, now it's pretty cool. Yeah, Luciano is a celebrity chef celebrated guy. He's, you know, tells in your family is bothers taught me how to cook some amazing braised rabbit, you know, I, I like to get around loved being on FOX, too. I love doing the charity work that, you know, you do so. Well, you know, I want to be a good shepherd of the brand. You know, Saint Jude and feed him the need McComb county. There's a lot going on. There's a lot of people that can use our help, and I love rolling up my sleeve toward some heavy lifting for you. Roll up your sleeves and do a lot of heavy lifting for charity, Bobby you do a lot. I was frankly, it was a little surprised to hear that you were partnering here at this restaurant because his his off the beaten path for you. And that's why I like it when I'm working on some products in Detroit right now with some investors, and that's in the embryo stage, just like this restaurant. I came out here, and I said, we got the kitchen and we gotta got the bar. My buddy Pete daily from gold leaf building came in and just whipped. Right through here in two weeks. He knocked this place out for us. I mean he had the bar up and running, Mr. Beauregard seniors just like how the heck do that. I'm like, don't worry. I got I got the team. I got the guy. Is there a concept that's out there in your future, that you've been thinking about, and really want to do, or is that is that what you are already underway doing with your investors in Detroit? And you want to tell me I just I really want to have a hotel in Detroit, in, you know, being friends with rat. Albert's DA DA. You know, he's such a great guy. He's getting twenty twenty auto show which keeps me up at night thinking all the really cool ideas, you know, leaving this winter and moving it into June with cars cigars, that we can all show being moved to twenty twenty June. It's going to be phenomenal expanding that footprint in the metropolitan area to do in June. It's just not isolated or you know, relegated to Cobol, but it's going to be a larger footprint. The next couple of years really gonna grow around the city of Detroit. So I'm excited to be part of that. That's going to be amazing who's shift that you grew up admiring, besides your grandma, Julia. Child's still. I used to love watching Julia child with my mother, if I didn't have school was a snow day or something like that. She'd make me a grilled cheese sandwich. And a little Cup of tomato soup sit and watch better than that. Even for a world class. Chef simple. This class I, I don't do the high flute and little fancy tiny little plates, and, you know, I keep it someplace stick the classics. My mother always said, you know, God, rest or soul. She said always stick to classics classics are always going to be here. And that's what she taught. She's still that and beat it into me, basically, you're a little young for this. But you're on your way to being a classic to Bobby. I hope so I hope so keep up the good work, and especially the charitable work to. And we can't wait to hear about some of these concepts in the city of Detroit from chef Bobby Nira, as we continue at seven fifty two. The purple rose theatre.

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