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In a mighty chorus that is finally saying times up that corus supporting women continued when frances mcdormand won best actress for her portrayal as a grieving mother in three billboards outside ebbing missouri if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight the actor if you do it everybody else thrilled her mind filmmaker but in the top of her she left the stage with two words inclusion rider in the press room dormant explain what that means there has always been available to all everybody that get that doesn't go she eishin on a film and inclusion rider which means that you can ask for it and or demand at least fifty percent diversity in that not only the casting but also the crew and so the fact that we about i just learned that after thirty five years of being in the film business it's not we're not going back so the whole idea of women trending now now trending african americans trend dane now now trending it changes now it was an historic win for jordan hill the first african american to win best original screenplay he wrote and directed the comedy horror film get out on stage he dedicated as oscar to all those who allowed him to raises voices of filmmaker back stage he talked about this moment for black filmmakers oh my god it's it's a renaissance i almost never became a director because of a shortage of role models we have spike we are john singleton we had the peebles is we had the his brothers but they felt like the exception to the rule i'm i'm so proud to be a part of a time the beginning of of a movement where i feel like the best films in every genre are are are being brought to to to me by my fellow black directors the oscar ceremony also honored its members from many cultures from immigrants who won awards such as best actor gary oldman from england to those who presented the awards loop in yanga from kenyan mexico and khamelnov johnny from pakistan and the show's politics included just about every other movement a performance of a song from the nominated film marshall featured political activist toronto burt from the mi2 movement and he nodded farmworkers founder dolores huerta and others from.

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