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The system this affair ended herb Kane van young columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle attended the fair later he recalled then came the night the lights went down forever at the fair on Treasure Island and we knew there was nothing left to do but wait for our war to come along and get us for what was left of our youth died then in there out in the black on the island the navy registered sailors preparing them for deployment altogether more than four point five million soldiers stopped Treasure Island before deploying to the war instead of San Francisco's airport the land became naval station Treasure Island that's KQED science reporter Kevin stark Treasure Island remained at naval station until the nineteen nineties when the navy least its buildings to San Francisco now the city is set to build thousands of homes on the island but the bay water is rising more on the future of Treasure Island as the climate changes on Monday you're listening to morning edition on KQED and now off to San Jose with John McConnell news problem north one of one hell your first report to the crash might be the lane second from the left slow traffic mostly after that is a head up towards about telly north eighty five at the at Fremont Avenue in Sunnyvale collision moved to the shoulder was still blocking a couple lanes so still backed up to about Stevens creek five eighty west on Oakland a car fire we had at lake shore is out but the right lane might still be blocked there and six city north at Stoneridge Pleasanton smash cars Joe McConnell forty QT support for KQED comes from W. H. Y. Y. featuring articulate Gregory part lows.

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