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A man to the right here has a little bit more to say about them. Yeah holding some porn has the tailored but not tight approach. The golf shirts fit great small medium little more tailored than as you get in the large large. It's a little bigger. But it's a polish look across all sizes that they have we love the internal colorstay that are sewn into the ryan is favourite. Pieces are the maxwell shirt in the ward sweater. check them out in h. B. golf's dot com. Hey welcome back is another episode of chason birdies and Man our guest today not only can chase birdies but boy has he chased a lot of pucks in his career. Captain olympian. I mean he's done at all. There's a lot there And anyone with the name. Ryan is a good man by me so Ryan callahan joins us today. A former ranger ryan. How're you doing. Shut up now. We appreciate your time. We know it's valuable. So thanks for joining us. Yes you got drafted one hundred twenty seventh overall in two thousand four by the rangers which that has to be. I mean i. I assume that you arrange your san growing up being from rochester. new york. yeah it was Actually being from rochester is a big sabers fan. Growing up again Just down. I ninety not far for me so two games a year my dad and brother and stuff but i think being drafted by the rangers probably second best to that just being an original sixteen as you start to think anybody who lives in new york. State is roots for the rangers as well i. I always cheered for them as well. sort of be able to pick up by them. I think i was kind of a Dream come true just it. So it's such a historic organization. I think is the biggest thing at all. I couldn't have been more excited. The first year i was eligible for the draft. I've passed up. Nobody selected me. So i was just happy to go the second year and it was the ranger so jerry is up. So is that a little bit of a chip on your shoulder for the second year. You that little gap. There work a little bit harder. Proven wrong type thing. Yeah absolutely you know that that first euros up playing junior hockey in canada and my first draft eligible year. I didn't have that great of years. My first year there canada kind of getting used to the league wasn't you know wasn't a star player and then that following year i was more comfortable..

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