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A Honda Frank the capitals on the power play finally getting on the board actually at a two man advantage and guess who scored Alexander of asking capitals one nothing lead over the devils about four forty three left in the first period of play and they stay on the power play he's still got it one fifty left in this power play now down to a five on for situations of Alexander vested in another goal capitals of ones that over the devils four thirty left there in the first three down a Capital One arena rookie L. yes Sampson off again the star between the pipes for the capital's he's had a very impressive season so far Carlos build Fran not impressive only player named in MLB's investigation of the Astros sign stealing scandal out is manager of the New York Mets before even managed to game bill trend third skipper loses gig in the fall out from the cheating investigation Astros course fired AJ Hinch red Sox parted ways with Alex Cora who was a bench coach for the Astros in twenty seventeen New Orleans police issued an arrest warrant for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham junior on a complaint of simple battery video surfaced of Beckham slapping the buttocks of a super dome security guard in the L. as you locker room after the Tigers national championship victory over clubs and that was on Monday and of course Beckham junior was also caught on video given out cash to LSU players the women taking on a brass get eight o'clock tonight in college hoops again capitals one nothing lead early go one late in the first parade Alexander of.

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