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Next Eartha Kitt at the Vatican on Christmas Eve. I need. I just need to know more about that. Let's get a line seven. And David David wants to talk about language a little bit as we have this conversation. Hi, David. Hi. How you doing? Great. Thanks for calling. Okay, So ah, my taking this. This's a solution looking for a problem because it is the use of the word alone. So we are tied into the idea that being alone is a bad thing. But if you turn around and say I'm by myself, It takes all the wind out of the negative feelings of being alone. So just be affirmative and say, you know if you're out You by yourself? You're always with yourself. And I have found that going by myself. Walking down the street going to a museum. It gives me the freedom. To stay as long as I want. In fact, I don't even like to go to openings with people because I have to walk around with them. I do my own thing. And you find Gem's Everywhere You turn over a new, you know, so just change your attitude. Change your wordage and don't be a prisoner of the word alone. Go by yourself. David. Thank you so much. I think that's a great note to end on my guest has been Catherine Andrews, Life coach and host of the Sunday Sue their podcast. Kathy. Thank you so much for being with us for ask an expert. Hopefully, we helped some folks this hour. Thank you fell much. I hope okay. The Netflix miniseries Fear City tells the story of a commission case. The commission case, a landmark prosecution case in New York City in the 19 eighties that dismantle the Mafia and the five families that control the criminal empire coming up next we'll speak with fear. City Director Sam Hopkinson stay tuned. W. N. Y. C is supported by the New York Review of Books, A Journal of Ideas. The summer issue includes Jessica Matthews on the Nuclear Arms Race. Jonathan Freedland on Disinformation and Adam..

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