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I personally have some other people I may have a head of him. But even Joan I believe it's Jona Williams a kid from Alabama you he had a rough game against Clemson. And yeah, it's Clemson with their great defensive line. But. You're gonna face that kind of competition almost every single week almost every single game in the NFL. So, you know, if he's not going that great if he's not doing that well against that kind of competition at the college level that's a little concerning going forward there. There. You know, there are a number of different number of different players that are linked to you know, then there's the LSU kid the linebacker. I understand that linebacker has kind of become a little bit of a. Lower premium type of position today's NFL. You want kind of those hybrid safety linebacker guys, your, you know, your Mark Barron's than the Nike Roby's, all, you know, all those guys, but. You know, there is a need. If for a savvy veteran linebacker to anchor, your defense and roquan Smith is definitely an example and his impact on the bears. This last year is what? Is a prime example of that. We've got another call on the line. We're going to get to that here. And then we're going to get outta here. So let's grab that. Is the bike insider who's this? John other regular, how are you, sir? It is a new dawn Cincinnati as you can see I do think you're going to give beginning a lot of calls to your podcast just gonna take album apology, if I can help you guys anyway, call screener, you name it anything. Maybe. Whatever I I appreciate that. I might need that you know. You know, John, and I try and manage how you know, all the other stuff responsibilities but rounding up guests in answering phones in hosting it. It's lots of juggle. So I may I may get you up for that John appreciate that. But what's on your mind? Well, everybody's talking new quarterback and whatnot. But from what I heard from Duke token this past week age not real big on finding quarterback. Just yet. He seems to want to stay with Dalton done. But he's very interested in increasing the speed of the offense and getting a better players on the line on both sides of the ball. So we'll just see how that plays opera diction. I don't think they moved from don't miss next season the Bank. They're going to let him play his contract and are looking for the quarterback Jupiter but doll with this stance being that he's been injured very little being this division as smash mouth as it is. I don't think they are ready to just boot right out the door and take a risk on a rookie just yet especially for dulled still under God drafts. And also, I mean, you gotta look at the landscape of this. Division. Yes. The Bengals split with the ravens. The ravens kind of had an upward swing when they made a move to their quarterback. Yes. Same thing happened with the Browns. But then you look at the Steelers I never count them out fully, but they are a bit of a mass right now on a number of different fronts and all teams, I if I remember correctly, then it goes nine or ten wins by the ravens that ended up winning the division. And you know, the Browns the Steelers and the ravens were all kind of neck and neck as the as the season got, you know, war on the Bengals they stay healthy. They make some changes, especially amongst the coaching staff and at head coaching. They get a couple of other nice pieces. Help out the offense of wine. I mean, all of a sudden, this becomes a wide open division. Again. I wanna say this too. You mentioned speed on offense. And that's something Duke Tobin is looking at John. You know, you look back to Jared goff's first year rookie year. Granted you only started seven games but five touchdowns seven interceptions. Well, what what have the Rams done the past two off seasons? Brandin cooks, Robert woods. Josh reynolds..

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