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Max fury road gotTa Get rid of that arm or if you're enforce comfy gotta get rid of Lieutenant Dan's legs and that was amazing. That was the first first time anybody's ever done really something like that throughout yeah. I had my problems with that movie for sure one of them is I think he way over he. He's like a kidney candy store and way overdid the like and now forces in the White House and using archival footage and sticking forced in it yeah that whole like half hour dialogue L. Augie has with Peter Cushing Ghost who is uncanny but I get it. I get why these filmmakers get excited excited. These really technical wizards get a new technique and they just hammered the guy from industrial light magic when they made the first star wars call it what you will his name was. I think John Dykstra and this motion controlled camera assembly that they created was called Dykstra flex super super groundbreaking and they really did amazing stuff with that well. He's like a legend in this industry now and I saw an interview with them recently and he was like I'm so tired of seeing just whole cities leveled in like just the most amazing stuff. You can possibly think of being done just because we can do it right a a he. He put it really really well. I think it's an embarrassment of riches. You know totally like it can be done so it's being done everybody's doing it's just you know like and it makes it less amazing. not necessarily because it looks bad it just keeps looking better and better every time yeah like if you if you look at Charlie's there and it's prosthetic arm or missing arm yeah compared with Lieutenant. Dan's missing leg looks radically different it does so it's getting better There's just too much of it. I think is the point just to be all Ed Harris the on this no I have long predicted a return to practical effects really starting to happen a little bit more and more yeah I could see starting with indie filmmakers yeah for sure which is funny because finally computer generated effects have trickled down enough yeah like you or I could walk out of the studio and probably get on any one of those Max out there news stuff that ten fifteen years ago yes five five hundred thousand dollars to set up a rig like that yeah and that's how some young filmmakers have got noticed is by making these short films with like zero money on their computer pewter that get a lot of action on Youtube because it looks so amazing and the studio B like sign that person up yeah. I can't remember the guy's name but that's happened a couple the times in recent years the Ed Harris we should talk about a few of the groundbreaking people over the years. Oh yes and we'll go through these little quicker than what we have in front of us. I think we should mention Lon Chaney sure one of the original superstars the film in the silent era the man of a thousand faces he was he was very talented doing his own makeup and changing space That's why it's called the man but thousand faces. He's like here's nine hundred ninety seven. What about Willis O'Brien. He was one of the pioneers of stop motion photography again if feerick California raisins fan you have a lot to thank Willis O'Brien for yeah. He also too stuffy. Did I mean if you look back. He did King Kong in the nineteen thirty-three King Kong yeah and if you look back at this you're like this is this is cool but if you research what was done to create this yes. You're just blown away by it yeah again. Many processes coming together to create that nineteen thirty three version of King Kong and that fight looks excludes still realistic consider the year it looks awesome it does in it's about three three and a half minutes long. King Kong fighting TARANTULAS REX but it took seven weeks to film yeah because there's twenty four frames shot per second in a film that's right and for every frame. They moved the models a little bit here there yeah so that's why it took seven weeks just for that fight scene. I think it was fifty five weeks for all all of the Stop motion photography that was done in that movie. Yeah that's impressive. It really is impressive especially when you realize the trouble they went to when you go back and watch your like this is is pretty nuts yeah ray Harry House and continued the work of Willis O'Brien and very famously in like the fifties and sixties movies like Jason and the argonauts and clash of the Titans Indiaia. Never Medusa sure scary lady yeah that had to be toward the end of his career. I guess 'cause I was in the eighties. Yeah I think like eighty one. Maybe matter the miniature to demand that was cool movie. That was a big movie for me as a kid yeah and I was like when L. A. Law came along. I was like I know that guy. That's right. There's the titans this guy we should shout out millicent Patrick. This is a very interesting story. She was one of the only well first and only women working in special effects back in the day right and she created the very famous mask of the Gill man from creature from the Black Lagoon in the mid nineteen fifties and was unceremoniously fired not just fired stricken from the credits yeah this guy named Bud West more he assisted her and then basically we had her fired rather than give her the credit for the mask which he would take credit for Kazoo think he was the supervisor in charge of effects or costume or something. Oh I thought I guess he assisted assisted her but he was her boss. Yeah Okay but like she very clearly on her own came up with the Gilman for yet the creature and this is only come out in the last like few years they've kind of dug up the original stuff and yeah sexism just basically pushed her out of the industry altogether very sad she starting to get her do now. Though which is good yeah that is very good. There's Dick Smith is amazing. He created the Squibb. Oh really yeah he's. He's a he's a very famous makeup artist. He's really good at making people look aged yeah. He made forty-seven year old. Marlon Brando look much five than the Godfather. Oh yeah yeah he was on. He was a year younger than me Brando. I never thought about that nuts. He really is he also did death becomes her which is one of the all-time time great movie yeah yeah for sure and the Exorcist Yup and scanners and you're seeing ghost story from nineteen eighty-one. Yeah Yeah Very scary movie the old dudes he did he did that what else very famously aged. Dustin Hoffman and little big man by many many years and then in the last like twenty five thirty years Rick Baker and Stan Winston Stan Winston's. He's got my vote yeah. Yeah I mean these two guys were both just creative leaders in the industry and Trail Blazers in the industry and as Ed it says here like a mentor to a generation of special effects employees employees creators artists all three of those Lourdes gig workers Rick Baker American Werewolf in London in Nineteen eighty-one which still holds up the thriller video in Nineteen Ninety-three Star Wars Maas is Louie Cantina. He made all those yeah. Did you know that about the Mas Eisley Cantina chair. I didn't know that he was sing almost single handedly responsible for all of them and then Stan Winston you gotta talk about movies like the thing in Predator in Terminator and they both have set up foundations in schools and things like that Stan Winston also did in the makeup for what I think is maybe the best slash film of all time Friday. The thirteenth part to yeah to was when Jason comes along right. Yes it's Jason before. He got his mask. He gets his mask and three. I think the Friday thirteenth franchises as good as it gets horror movies. I dropped off at a certain point. Did you see see all those no. No I still haven't seen all of them but even just putting like the first five or six up yeah I think it's like watching him again as an adult. I'm like these are really good. Yeah Scherzer films even better than I remember being a kid and the reason Stan Winston filled in for five thirteenth part two is because the guy who did Friday thirteenth the first one. Tom Savini was unavailable. He was off doing creepshow. I believe the Viennese another legend. I think they're redoing creepshow show. Are they okay. I'd watch that different stories. Oh even better I think not mistaken. Bs Savini is well known for being sort of a godfather of Gore he did maniac gives that yeah that was an offshoot rocker movie and then these days there are companies unease Im and and Weta island industrial light magic is Lucas's company and they're cool because they invented this stuff off because Lucas needed stuff to be done that couldn't be done right and he's like go figure out how to do it and they did they really did and then what is Peter Peter Jackson's company. Okay and he's the one that has really pioneered the Mo cap the motion capture techniques where a person's wearing like a suit and the suit it has a bunch of different kennel almost ping pong balls all over it yeah joints in crucial places where the body moves and the actor stunt person in her dancer. Whoever wearing the suit goes through the motions and then it is going through the motions sure and that that those motions that what's captured fed into into a computer and the computer generates a character doing all those same motions creating the performance but it's a computer generated character yeah I don't think he was the first but the the gallon character turn those Lord of the Rings Movies was really one of the first really terrific looking fully. CGI character yeah I found from what I can tell the first full. CGI character ever in a movie you WanNa guess you'll never guess well. I mean it's touted as Indiana Jones and the last crusade crusade wrong really what is it going to be. It's another Spielberg movie. Okay it's young. Sherlock Holmes stained glass night. It comes to life and tries to slash one of them with his sword first full. CGI character in a movie will why I don't know but that's what I could find in nineteen eighty-five well. It says maybe there's it's in the nit picky language because in the last crusade when Walter Donovan's face melts and turns to dust when he drinks from the jealous that's in that's in raiders of the lost. Ark Isn't it. Oh no you're right right. You're saying okay yeah it says here it was the first ever digital composite of a full screen live action image. There's something in a language because what it was a little screen or something this was the Gotcha this is the first CGI but it wasn't the first CGI image. This is the first moving CGI images the first CG. I'm image was in looker. Remember that movie. I totally saw looker yeah. That was a big. HBO's Movie For me for sure same here is is looker runaway. NAH crawl runaways. Tom selleck yeah and Gene Simmons. Yeah that's right. That's all kroll a lot to look looker head Albert Finney Right. If I remember correctly Albert Finney and Susan Dey Susan Dey and Michael Crichton I think that was the first full body three d human but I did not move at static yeah and the very first computer generated effects period funny enough were used to replicate computer under screen so whenever you would see a computer screen in like Westworld or aliens or star wars and they're like what is the Computer GonNa look like you know not now that that was the first time they use computer generated imaging list of yeah make a fake computer screen and the first full. CGI seen ever ever done was in the wrath of Khan which I believe came out in nineteen eighty two but there's a genesis like earth being you know like cooling and turning into ah the earth and there's this amazing shots around it that's all CGI and that was the first one and Tron. I thought for sure tron would have been among the first apparently most of that was animated by humans not computer. That's right the like all the glowing lines all that stuff animated which makes it nuts. What's that they were able to create that yeah. now the big thing. Is the aging technique that they're getting better and better yeah. They really are. Yes so the new Scorsese pick the Irishman I think D- ages in has taken a long time to get out because the.

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