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I'm not really sure that they did enough to address that oak this year in the draft they spent one two three four five picks on defense and the rest on offense or special teams right i think they should have spent their first round pick on her when james because i don't like the really the way their secondary plays secondary was getting burnt gave after game last year right safety came up with keep up with the deep route players i think jerry james would have been someone who could have helped defense i think they could have also went tremaine edmonds if they weren't going james all right do they need linebacker help but they go off line and for some they were saying that that was a retread there in the first round to get cold miller i'd say was too second round take pj hall defensive tackle at sam houston state third round they take brennan parker offense of talk what north carolina state second pick of the third round they take arden key defensive end outta lsu i actually liked that pick i think it'd be a good player for this team all right fourth fourthround take note nelson cornerback out of wisconsin fifth round they take more is hearst defensive tackle outta michigan he's the one who had the heart condition that's why he felt so much seen as a first round talent but again the first round the heart condition is what drop them so far and it's hard conditioning something where it's not really gonna him and the nfl then i think a very good pick for oakland there but it's just a matter of i mean the guys that you took with your first couple of picks you could have taken better players i think all right but either way like art in kenmore easter's pick and they say johnny townsend punter out of florida has victor inside linebacker at washington and then marcel eightman wide receiver at oklahoma state so i guess my favorite pigs would be.

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