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As I think back, I guess the most embarrassing play was the missed passer appearance column Ramsay sculptor years ago. But this one was up there. Having to do a do over on a key third down in the AFC title game in the fourth quarter is pretty bad. Being at that rams saints game was one of the best moments of my life. Just complete and total chaos. Just absolute. Absolute. Bedlam. Oh, well, I still remember that. I still remember. I still remember standing next to nickel Robbie Coleman and I was, it was like me and two other reporters and he was like, well, let me see the play. And we showed him the play. And then he and then he goes, oh yeah, I got him. That was amazing. It's so good. It's so good. And I know you like me. Have just a part of darkness. Just a black heart. It's kind of so much more fun when it happens to the home team. Yes. And you just get all the infuriated people immediately reacting. You don't have to go to social media and see what people are saying. You're right there for the angriest people in the world being upset about that. And you get to kind of yell. Be jerk about it and be like, yeah, I have no rooting interest here. This is just funny. Yes. Oh man. A couple of a couple of ram notes on this. Number one, I mentioned the canary is Tony injury. And by the way, the challenge at the beginning of this game was pretty absurd by Andy Reid only because it looked like so Carrie stoney drops the touchdown. It took tough catch it. I don't want to overstate it like he dropped it like a bounce off his chest. Tough catch didn't survive the ground. It was really difficult to see because he was like on top of the ball and the side judge was blocked on it, it was a tough call for the officials. I think they base the call on the fact that Tony got up and started walking off the field like Charlie Brown. With the sad music playing and they were like, oh, okay, well, he must have dropped it incomplete. And the chiefs challenge it a minute later. And I just don't know what would have happened because I don't know if Tony sort of very suddenly walked off the field and then he was like, I caught it and it's like, I don't know, usually you're waving your arms and throwing a fit if you think you caught it. That was super weird. But Tony was out and they missed him as a receiver, obviously. But sky Moore ended up, you know, the good receiver ended up going back and returning punts again, which is something they got away from because he repeatedly proved unable to catch punts, which is an issue. Earlier this season, so he's taken off upon return duty. He was back on it and he ended up basically having the, we're gonna get to the other key play here on that drive, but that was the biggest play that set up the game winning field goal was his 29 yard punt return there. Yeah. Yeah. And a great game by sky more, by the way. I thought that was sort of a breakout performance and did earn him a major shout out in my Super Bowl predictions, which on SI dot com today. You, by the way, edited a just beautiful 9-1-1: Lone Star joke into my copy and I just wanted to tell you live on the podcast that that was really well done and it made me smile. It was my lone contribution to those 3000 words. Yeah, I think sky is one of those players that if jerick McKinnon didn't break out the way that he did this year, I think you could have used him in the backfield a lot more and I still think you might see that a little bit in the Super Bowl. I think that might be interesting challenge the eagles horizontally a little bit. Yeah, yeah. And obviously the play that set up the field goal was Joseph esai, who played well in this game. And I don't say that as sort of a pat on the back type of thing, but if you were sort of listing the Bengals top 5 players in this game, he was one of them and obviously he picks up the unnecessary roughness call. Good call. I mean, it would seem like a quarterback or not type of conversation. Mahomes, his almost his second foot was down on the white stripe by the time that push came. And I get the instinct that is taking over in that case where you're, you know, you see the first down marker and you're trying to keep it. But the thing, I mean, man. It's like they weren't in field goal range. The chiefs were maybe going to try and throw a quick pass to the sideline, get out of bounds, and then kick a 50 something yarder, but that would have been like a 60 yarder from where they were on the field at that point, and man, what a bummer. Yeah. I have to say this to and nobody is nobody's really going to care, but it means a lot to me and I think the fact that he talked after that game, I give him all the credit in the world to step up in today's climate and to just allow yourself to be and again, I think a lot of the reporters, like if anyone wants to read like a good column and I think our columnist Mike Rosenberg did a great job, he wrote about that. He was in Kansas City. I mean, I think a lot of us have more compassion and humanity than we're given credit for. But the players don't know that in that moment, you know, you've just done the worst thing, I mean, let's hope to God, this is the worst thing that ever happens to him in his life, right? And this is the worst moment. And you have to get up there and you got to talk to people about it and you got to be asked questions about it and you know it's going to be clipped and played on every radio station and TV station and blah blah blah blah blah. But I think it deserves to be said that that guy, anybody who stands up and talks and displays an ounce of humility or vulnerability in that moment, I give them a huge amount of credit. I think that's so hard to do. Absolutely. Good for him. And before I move on to the other game, a last thing I was gonna mention. I think the one predictable thing that happened in this game was like Chris Jones singled up on some of these Bengals walkers was just a monstrous mismatch and in the same way Jonathan Allen needs a nickname in order to sort of up his Q rating here. Christians is on prime time a lot. We see the chiefs a lot. So he's not quite as undercovered here, but man, he is, he's easily top 5 defender in the NFL, and boy, did he play like it in this game? Holy smokes. I mean, especially when he was lined up as an edge. He was just and it just goes to show like you think you need speed off the edge and quickness and it's not that Chris Jones isn't fast, but like if he's just running in right at the quarterback and he just topples the other guys over just move someone out of the way and not be slowed down in any way. Yeah, I mean that's just as good. And boy, now here's what you can do that against the Bengals, you can't you won't be able to do that against the eagles. And we'll talk a little bit about that because I charted lane versus Bosa in that game and some of the stuff that they were doing I thought was really interesting and some of the stuff that I think they will do to

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