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Becky becky lynch and carmella all right or go to be here as well i go i'm all about that whoever they are fantastic people there was i did see a clip of brock listener when he got need in the head by braun strowman okay and brock got a pet legitimately punched him and it's like okay that was pretty fun so john remember when i said the beginning of this those heist movie this podcast i'll come on this podcast from a heist movie to wrestling when you go to the flashback and you all the time in editing go back and like wrestling oh i think we we wwe you know go back through route okay so it's perfectly so yeah so your honorable mention wished impossible mission mission impossible the good ocean's eleven the bad ocean's thirteen ocean's twelve you get a pass just this once just once and then you're ugly now you see me you should watch no you to i should i feel like we need to watch that together and with beverages we absolutely i think that has to be i don't do that to me alone if i suggest my wife to that to another now you see me she may murder me fair yeah and my good was inside man direct by spike lee tremendous not only just turn us movie tremendous heist film did unique things it was different i really like that my bad cradle to the grave as much as i love jet li and marked cask is doing legitimate martial arts and being their own stuntman and doing everything they can the movie is just trash movie your sodium but my ugly it isn't credible the grave as bad as it is does not even hold a candle to swordfish from two thousand one which was atrocious i think it's like on probably when the worst movies of all time swordfish yeah i think it's up there possibly i wonder if we want wanna razzie oh i think it's got won a razzie five wins in eight nominee.

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