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A 24 21 $1 plus tax where applicable. It's like store, see after terms. Good morning. It's 9 18 traffic and weather on the eighths back to Jack in the traffic center Art in Maryland at the Bay Bridge eastbound. You've got both planes coming back. The westbound look at that left lanes already close. They're going to do some mid day work so unclear. We're going to have any kind of a two way traffic pattern. But for now, two lanes East two lanes West follow the overhead lane control signals. Work is on the westbound span today, taking the left lane. Up in Hagerstown. I 81 north up near National Pike. This is Exit six for route 40. Only the right lane gets by that crash. There's work in Rockville eastbound on Beers Mill Road, a twin Brook Parkway, taking away the right lane River Roads still closed in Bethesda late last night. Before 11. We had a crash between West Part Avenue in Ridgefield Road wires came down utility crews still working, rerouting traffic off of River Road. Big delays building as you move through Laurel heading toward Greenbelt south on the BW Parkway, headed down to the Beltway. The work zone again today has the right lane Black stay left to get by. There was some activity on the ramp. Is on the outer lip to go south on Branch Avenue. I think everything was out of the roadway, so at least you should find lanes open to seventies, moving very well between the Thursday and Frederick North and southbound no worries between the Beltway's on 95 into the district. There was a crash on South Capitals tweeted for a Sterling Avenue and short timing signals that cause some delays. Morning rush between Canal on Canal Road at Reservoir Down in northwest. They've been short timing. To do be careful when had been broken down in Virginia, leaving the Beltway going 66 west that we're not along the right side of the roadway Crash and Falls Church was Dortmund gallows, Rented homes Run drive Old Bridge Road Down in Woodbridge East banded Kobe drive. Listeners have the crash that had been blocking the right lane work is in place in Arlington, Dorton, Glebe Road and Military Road Doing some bridge work till about three this afternoon. We're still a little bit sluggish on the Beltway inner loop coming out of Springfield, riding up toward Braddock Road. I 95 is looking good. There was a little heavy traffic moving through Lord northbound headed towards the Springfield interchange, but nothing to worry about. And 3 95 is looking awful good, leaving the Beltway north up toward the 14th on the rails. Metro's blue and yellow line. Expect residual delays to Largo Town Center in Mount Vernon Square from an earlier police investigation at Crystal City. Lito Pizzas Square because Ledo Pizza never cuts corners. Little piece has been a local favorite since 1955 order online at Ledo pizza dot com. Jack Taylor. W T o p traffic getting really hot and human again today. Let's.

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