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Ashland news radio w are the eighttime 300 one call for justifiable leased to check on the welfare of a suicidal person this morning led them to a two alarm fire police lieutenant pete symbol says they saw a man at the house but he ran anthem backyard as they approached in that's when they realized the house was on fire he says they had a pop but couldn't investigate due to the intensity of the fire what was able to control of this rupture farm search hurt researcher the property did reveal a male who was seized in the backyard from gunshot the incident resulted in brief lockdown the ettridge elementary in virginia state university the fire was so extensive that the entire house collapsed shortly after firemen arrived the driver who police say intentionally crashed his car carrying gasoline containers into a connecticut hospital in set himself on fire is in critical condition the man was flown from middlesex hospital where the crash occurred the burn unit of bridgeport hospital just over forty miles away the driver is a man in his twenty's whose known to middletown police police say he was on fire when he got out of the car after crashing it through the walk indoors of the middlesex hospital emergency department nobody else was hurt but about thirty patients in twenty staff members were evacuated from the department which is still closed governor rob north them says he's taking gun legislation alternatives to staff including possible executive action the republican controlled led raw news radio w rva president trump says drills that teach kids how to respond of an active shooter ever enters the premises are very negative thing from said on a tell us 11yearold son that he has to go through an active shooter drill they president says he prefer what he called a hardened school over active shooter drills trump has floated the idea of arming teachers as a possible deterrent the fbi conceding today its failure to stop the florida school shooting was a tragedy and a mistake abc's aaron could turkey has more the.

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