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Tremendously improved and and probably foot work to would you talk a little bit about what Jon Kitna has done for you in that regard yes so much so much I don't I don't know if I've had a coach I don't think there I know I have an article to the NFL who's close me more on the take the technical support the technical part of the position and I'm thankful for that he's made a he's made so much room for growth in my career is going and going to allow me to grow so much more so thankful for him but he's got to take a lot of pride in what he does I take a lot of pride in the in the sport so we we talk about our land all season about how all these positions have gotten more and more technical about how to get better how to get the job done it for some odd reason the quarterback position has kind of went the opposite route where it's how do we throw off our back foot or how do we do this because a lot of times a game is it played perfect right of my feet are always said I I can't it's not Ross and I have these big guys and you said and on those guys coming after me so it's about how to make that throw and when I when I'm not ready but what he did was dollar back and say no matter if it's a simple out route your your full working everything's going to be clean because none of these other twenty people on the field matter it's you in the receiver when you're full works right when the time is right and the boss coming out so we can we're able to dial back and that in itself so much the lady at the it mmhm people I'm sure have read about his using very bonds as a yeah comparison for what he wanted you to do for those who haven't telling a little bit about that how did you receive it when he first brought that yeah I said room be that.

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